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1 Blue Reports on InfluenzaSalt Lake Tribune1918-09-14
2 Influenza has Rapid GrowthSalt Lake Tribune1918-09-21
3 Pennsylvania Coach has Spanish ''Flu''Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-05
4 Common Sense Real Factor in Combating 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-10
5 Flu' Puts Crimp in Grid ScheduleSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-11
6 Provo to Grapple with Flu OutbreakSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-11
7 'Flu'' is Responsible for Postponement of Nearly Twenty Football GamesSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-12
8 Ogden Reports Second Death from the 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-12
9 Closing Places has Good 'Flu' EffectSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-14
10 Flu Continues to Spread 26 Homes Report DiseaseSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-14
11 6 Salt Die of Flu U, S, Asked for NursesSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-15
12 High Figure in Flu' Death TollSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-16
13 Influenza Known in Science since 1640Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-16
14 Soldiers over Peak of 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-17
15 Don't be Misled ; the ''Flu'' is Real Menace, Dr. Beatty DeclaresSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-17
16 Fighting 'Flu' in 30 StatesSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-18
17 Peak of 'Flu' is not Yet SightedSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-20
18 Flu' Plays Havoc with Grid GamesSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-20
19 Influenza Epidemic Playing Havoc with all Kinds of SportsSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-20
20 Dispatcher is " Flu" VictimSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-21
21 Flu' Improves in Six StatesSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-22
22 Burns has the "Flu"Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-22
23 Flu Cancels AnotherSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-23
24 Doctor Dies Form "Flu"Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-23
25 New 'Flu' Cases Show DecreaseSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-24
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