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1 Red Cross Will Fight InfluenzaPiute Chieftain1918-10-10
2 Spanish "Flu" Attacks ManyPiute Chieftain1918-10-17
3 Peak of Flu Not Yet ReachedPiute Chieftain1918-10-24
4 Flu Takes Many in GripPiute Chieftain1918-10-31
5 Spanish "Flu" on the WanePiute Chieftain1918-11-14
6 Spanish "Flu" Fast AbatingPiute Chieftain1918-11-21
7 Fearful Toll from FluPiute Chieftain1918-12-05
8 Flu Takes a New HoldPiute Chieftain1918-12-05
9 Hawaii Escapes Ravages of 'Flu'Piute Chieftain1918-12-19
10 Players Prevent Flu by Flying to BattlePiute Chieftain1918-12-26
11 Flu Takes Terrible TollPiute Chieftain1919-01-09
12 Influenza Breaks out Again in MarysvalePiute Chieftain1919-01-16
13 Flu Raging at PanguitchPiute Chieftain1919-01-16
14 Mrs. Cameron "Flu" VictimPiute Chieftain1919-01-23
15 Flu Now on the DeclinePiute Chieftain1919-02-06
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