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1 Influenza Bobs up Again in CedarIron County Record1919-03-14
2 Influenza is Still with UsIron County Record1918-12-06
3 Urges Return of College StudentsIron County Record1920-02-13
4 Influenza at St. GeorgeIron County Record1920-02-06
5 Influenza Raging in the Town of KanabIron County Record1920-02-13
6 Influenza at Parowan is in Very Light FormIron County Record1920-02-13
7 Influenza Gains Ground in CedarIron County Record1920-01-30
8 No Influenza in Salt LakeIron County Record1919-10-10
9 Influenza Prevents War Savings MeetingsIron County Record1919-04-18
10 Influenza Epidemic is Practically Cleared UpIron County Record1919-04-04
11 The "Flu" Did ItIron County Record1918-11-22
12 Stalwart Citizen Victim of the "Flu"Iron County Record1918-12-13
13 Business Men Confer with Health Board on Means of Checking FluIron County Record1918-12-13
14 Enterprise in Grip of "Flu" EpidemicIron County Record1919-03-07
15 Conrad Hunter Victim of "Flu"Iron County Record1918-12-20
16 Sturdy Youth Yields to "Flu"-PneumoniaIron County Record1918-11-29
17 Cedar May be Closed City during Xmas HolidaysIron County Record1918-12-06
18 Flu Ban Lifted in Cedar CityIron County Record1920-02-13
19 The "Flu" SituationIron County Record1920-02-06
20 Local HappeningsIron County Record1920-02-13
21 Beaver Man Bring Flu from ConventionIron County Record1920-02-06
22 Kanarra Hit Hard by "Flu"Iron County Record1920-02-06
23 Monkeys Die of FluIron County Record1919-04-11
24 Anna Pendleton Victum of "Flu"Iron County Record1918-10-18
25 Our School SquabbleIron County Record1919-04-18
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