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1 Information from State Board on InfluenzaDavis County Clipper1918-10-18
2 Samuel M. Sessions Victim of InfluenzaDavis County Clipper1918-11-15
3 Bonneville BitsDavis County Clipper1920-02-13
4 Monkeys Die of FluDavis County Clipper1919-04-11
5 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluDavis County Clipper1918-10-25
6 Hawaii Escapes Ravages of 'Flu'Davis County Clipper1918-12-20
7 Advice to "Flu" ConvalescentsDavis County Clipper1919-03-07
8 Would Fight Flu with WhiskyDavis County Clipper1919-01-24
9 Flu Takes Terrible TollDavis County Clipper1919-01-10
10 Worse than FluDavis County Clipper1919-09-05
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