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1 Ann Eliza Hunter Rich daughter of presiding Bishop Edward HUnter at age 16uum_mapImage
2 Ann Eliza Hunter Rich at age 16uum_mapImage
3 Ann Eliza Hunter Rich, daughter of first wife Ann Stadley and presiding Bishop Edward Hunteruum_mapImage
4 Ann Eliza Hunter Rich, her last picture prior to death on August 3, 1930, at Lokota Resort on Bear Lake Utahuum_mapImage
5 Ann Eliza Hunter, daughter of the first wife of presiding bishop Edward Hunter, age 35uum_mapImage
6 Copy of earlier daguerreotype Joseph C. Rich age 14 at San Bernadino California. Helped to survey the city with Fred Parris.uum_mapImage
7 Edward Hunter Bishop,son of Eliabeth Hunter Bishop, nephew of Ed Hunteruum_mapImage
8 Engraving of Edw. Hunteruum_mapImage
9 Engraving of Charles C. Richuum_mapImage
10 Engraving of Edw. Hunter, born 1793uum_mapImage
11 Engraving of Edw. Hunteruum_mapImage
12 Joseph and Ann Eliza Hunter Rich1875uum_mapImage
13 Joseph C. Richuum_mapImage
14 Joseph C. Rich at age 19, missionary to England with his father Charles C. Rich, who was president of the European Mission (1860-1862)uum_mapImage
15 Joseph C. Rich at age 35uum_mapImage
16 Joseph C. Rich, oldest of Charles C. Rich C. Rich, oldest son of Charles C. Rich at about the time he became the judge of the fifth Judicial District of Idaho (1892-1896).uum_mapImage
17 Joseph C. Rich, oldest son of Apostle Charles C. Rich. at about 40. Member of Bear Lake Co. Stake Presidency.uum_mapImage
18 Photograph of Ann Stadley Hunter, first wife of Edward Bishop Hunter, 1808- 1855uum_mapImage
19 Photograph of Edw. Hunter, born June 22, 17931881-03-01uum_mapImage
20 Photograph of Edward Hunteruum_mapImage
21 Photograph of Edward Hunter at about age 60uum_mapImage
22 Photograph of Edward Hunter at about age 60uum_mapImage
23 Photograph of Edward Hunter at about age 60uum_mapImage
24 Photograph of portrait sketch of E. Hunter at age 611853uum_mapImage
25 Postcard of St. David's Church ( near Radnor and Wayne, PA), erected in 1715 in the Old Welsh Tract. The old Hunter Church in Westchester, PAuum_mapImage
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