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1 Soaking the Desert: The Story of Water in Utah Part 12001wwdl_avSound
2 Soaking the Desert: The Story of Water in Utah Part 22001wwdl_avSound
3 Soaking the Desert: The Story of Water in Utah Part 32001wwdl_avSound
4 Tube 211: Upper Colorado Region (October 1965, Revised Spetember 82)1982-09wwdl_nehText
5 Tube 214 : Clay Basin, Utah (1952)1952wwdl_nehText
6 Charles Eggert Photo Set1952; 1955; 1956; 1962wwdl_nehImage
7 Flaming Gorge Photo Setwwdl_nehImage
8 Glen Canyon Archeological Survey Photo Set1958; 1959wwdl_nehImage
9 AZ vs. CA:03 California Exhibits, Vol III; Nos. 114-1501958wwdl_azvcaText
10 Lower Colorado Region comprehensive framework study of water and land resources : summary report, June 19711971-06wwdl_documentsText
11 Tenth Annual Report of the Upper Colorado River Commission1959-01-01wwdl_documentsText
12 Report on the Geology of the High Plateaus of Utah, with Atlas1879; 1880wwdl_booksText
13 AZ vs. CA:16 California Exhibits, Vol. XVI; Nos. 2600-26441958wwdl_azvcaText
14 AZ vs. CA:17 California Exhibits, Vol. XVII; Nos. 2701-2724; 2800; 2901-2905; 3001-30501958wwdl_azvcaText
15 AZ vs. CA:14 California Exhibits, Vol. XIV; Nos. 2051-21001958wwdl_azvcaText
16 State of Arizona, complainant v. State of California, Palo Verde Irrigation District, Imperial Irrigation District, Coachella Valley County Water District, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, City of Los Angeles, California, City of San Diego, California, and County of San Diego, California, defendants : the United States of America and State of Nevada, interveners : State of Utah and State of New Mexico, impleaded defendants : report / Simon H. Rifkind, special master1960-12-05wwdl_azvcaText
17 AZ vs. CA:11 California Exhibits, Vol. XI; Nos. 1001-1011; 1101-1109; 1201-1251; 1301-13431301-13431958wwdl_azvcaText
18 Fourteenth Annual report of the Upper Colorado River Commission1962-09-30wwdl_documentsText
19 Water rights laws in the nineteen western states, Vol. 11971wwdl_booksText
20 AZ vs. CA:19 California Exhibits, Vol. XIX; Nos. 4000-40441958wwdl_azvcaText
21 The Eighth Annual report of the Upper Colorado River Comission to the Presidentof the United States and the Governors of the Upper Colorado River Basin States1957-03-10wwdl_documentsText
22 The Report of the President's Water Resources Policy Commission : Volume 3, Water resources law1950wwdl_documentsText
23 Galloway-Stone Expedition Photographs1909wwdl_pcImage
24 AZ vs. CA:18 California Exhibits, Vol. XVIII; Nos. 3500A-35501958wwdl_azvcaText
25 Updating the Hoover Dam documents, 1978 / Milton N. Nathanson.1978wwdl_documentsText
1 - 25 of 72