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1 "If I Could be the Rain" by Rosalie Sorrels1967uu_utfolkloreText
2 American Folklore Society Meeting, October 16, 2004 (Part 1)2004-10-16uu_utfolkloreText; Image
3 American Folklore Society Meeting, October 16, 2004 (Part 2)2004-10-16uu_utfolkloreText; Image
4 American Folklore Society Meetings Demonstration Concert, October 16, 20042004-10-16uu_utfolkloreText
5 Dave Roylance autobiography2006uu_utfolkloreText
6 Final report: Urban Pioneers: oral histories of performing artists of the 1960s folk music revival in Utah2009-07-21uu_utfolkloreText
7 Folk revival a blend of nostalgia and joy2007-01-26uu_utfolkloreText
8 If I Were Free--Joe Hill House Memorial Edition (1967)1967uu_utfolkloreText
9 The Intermountain Acoustic Musician (January 1989)1989-01uu_utfolkloreText
10 Local artists to play at '60s folk music concert2007-01uu_utfolkloreText
11 One night only! Folk 'treasures' return2007-01-22uu_utfolkloreText
12 Polly Stewart notes with lyrics from various folk songs2007-01-24uu_utfolkloreText
13 Polly Stewart performance sets and lyrics2007-01-24uu_utfolkloreText
14 Report for the Humanists of Utah on the Urban Pioneers program2009-06-05uu_utfolkloreText
15 Research Material Gathered in 2004: Preliminary research for Utah Historical Quarterly2004uu_utfolkloreText
16 The Revivalists: the '60s folksong revival that captured the world's attention also played out in Utah; meet some of the U alumni who helped define an era2007uu_utfolkloreText
17 Reviving Utah's urban folk revival2007-01-21uu_utfolkloreText
18 Songs of Mormon Pioneers, 19611961uu_utfolkloreText
19 Starlight on the Rails and other songs by U. Utah Phillips, the golden voice of the great Southwest1973uu_utfolkloreText
20 Urban Pioneers: A Concert of the 1960s2006-12uu_utfolkloreText
21 Urban Pioneers: A Concert of the 1960s folk music revival in Utah: Live performance recorded on January 24, 20072007-01-24uu_utfolkloreText; Image
22 Urban Pioneers: A concert of Utah's 1960s folk music, or the best family reunion you'll ever go to2007-01uu_utfolkloreText
23 Urban Pioneers: Humanists of Utah Concert Photos , May 14, 20092009-05-14uu_utfolkloreText
24 Urban Pioneers: Polly Stewart Correspondence, 2004-20092004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009uu_utfolkloreText
25 Urban Pioneers: Reunion Concert Program2007-01-24uu_utfolkloreText
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