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1 Official Coat of Arms for Salt Lake City with accompaning page of explanatory text1969uu_slcpl_spcImage
2 A Reflex of Salt Lake City and Vicinity, Including letter-press description and illustrations of Public Edifices, Hotels, Business Blocks, Churches, Indians, Bathing Resorts, etc., and a variety of information, valuable for the Tourist or Resident, from reliable sources.1893uu_slcpl_spcImage
3 The Amelia Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah1904uu_slcpl_spcImage
4 Oldest House in Utah, Built 18471904uu_slcpl_spcImage
5 Temple Square, Salt Lake City Utah1908uu_slcpl_spcImage
6 Floaters on Great Salt Lake Utah. "Nothing Like It"1904uu_slcpl_spcImage
7 Bathing in Great Salt Lake, Saltair Beach1904uu_slcpl_spcImage
8 Wives of Brigham Young, and Himself1903uu_slcpl_spcImage
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