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1 Empey, Erin DoreanA collaboration: dance and theatreThis thesis explores the potential and the origin of dance and theatre as performing arts. I examine the relationship of the audience to performers, discuss the possibility for ritual and the sacred, and develop ideas for meaningful and effective collaboration of theatre and dance. It is through th...Audience; Collaboration; Dance; Performance; Theatre2011-05
2 Barker, Emmy PaiserA thousand steps around me: a study of discovering metaphor through manipulating repetition in danceThis research presents questions and ideas about repetition and metaphor. It addresses the question: What is it about repetition that drives home a point, unravels ideas and opinions, and creates metaphor and connection to lived experiences? The thesis explores a very personal experience of dysfunc...Metaphor; Modern dance; Repetition2011-08
3 Peng, Shih-YaAn exploration of vulnerability through creative process and performanceThis thesis explores the relationship between vulnerable experiences and dance. As artists, why is it important for us to value our vulnerabilities? Through examining or facing our weakness, our true strengths are revealed. In my 3- year MFA studies, I have found that allowing myself to be vulnerabl...Creative process; Performance; Vulnerability2012-08
4 Decker, Donald JosephAre you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrativeThis thesis investigates the choreographing of the dance "Are You My Boyfriend?" This work was performed on November 14 through 17 of 2001 at the Hayes/Christensen theatre in the Marriott Center for Dance on the University of Utah campus. This written component investigates my choreographic process ...Choreography; Context;; Familiarity; Meaning; Narrative; Surprise2010-08
5 Decker, Donald JosephAre you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrative2010
6 Pottratz, Katherine I.Artists live on islands: limitations as a creative ritualThe purpose of this research is to show how implementing limitations as a creative ritual may lead to a more optimal artmaking experience. Research has shown that creating parameters within a challenging activity increases an individual's concentration to the point that work seems effortless, and th...Choreographic process; Creative rituals; Film theory; Flow; Limitations; Modern dance2012-08
7 Zhan, LiThe beautiful beast: the subversive power of monsters in the aesthetics of dance and individual expressionMonsters have been traditionally regarded as large, aggressive, and ugly creatures that live in our nightmares to terrify us with their abnormal bodies and hideous appearances. They are generally relegated to the realm of evil in our fictions, folklores and mythologies, and used as symbols to descri...Aesthetics; Dance; Monsters; Performance potential; Possibilities of movements; Subversive power2013-08
8 Heller, Molly AnneBecoming incredible: healing trauma through performanceIn this thesis, I explore how dance performance can be a catalyst for healing trauma. Throughout my own research on performance, it has been my experience that the act of being witnessed itself triggers a healing response. The intimacy of performance, where I channel my emotional intelligence throug...Dance; Healing; Modern dance; Performance studies; Therapy; Trauma2015-08
9 Carter, Nancy SimpsonBecoming large enough: encompassing subjective and objective perspectives in one wholeHow does one resolve the disconnect when subjective and objective perspectives directly contradict each other? My research has been a quest to understand the nature of this conflict, particularly in relation to somatic work and my creative process. In reviewing somatics literature, I found that most...Choreography; Integration; Objective; Paradox; Somatics; Subjective; Movement2010-08
10 Baggs, BelleBeyond words: an embodied empathetic processToday, empathy is repeatedly considered a highly important influence in human interaction, yet our active and embodied practice of empathy seems scarce. Empathy is commonly recognized by many academic fields including philosophy, psychology and biology. In my experience as a dancer, my movement e...Choreography; Empathy; Movement; Relationships2011-08
11 Sun, WentingThe communicative power of laughter in modern danceLaughter is a physiological and psychological response when people perceive something as funny. In my choreographic thesis work "float away," I explored how laughter can create intimacy between audience, performer, and dance artist. Physical humor derived from dance brings the artist, dancers, and a...Choreography; Communication; Dance; Laughter2015-12
12 Cappelletti, CorinneDance as a place-making device: examining environmental psychology and place-identity through choreography and performanceThis research investigates the experience of place, and how it influences personal identity. The physical and metaphorical example of home serves as a source to examine the Environmental Psychology theories, Place-Identity and Place-Attachment, through dance. I explore the following questions: Ho...Dance; Place identity; Place attachment2009-05
13 Hardwig, George ScottDance hacking: digital technology and the performing bodyThe questions posed in this research involve the massive effects of the cyberrevolution on the human experience of embodiment and identity formation. Our technologies have begun to merge with the human body in new and unforeseen ways, from the development of smartphones, to new advances in Internet ...Dance; Digital; Performance; Screendance; Technology2014-08
14 Mielke, Benjamin AllenDance training as mechanism for overcoming the technologization of the bodyOur way of life is changing at a speed never before seen in the history of our species. The rate of change is only increasing, and shows no signs of slowing down. Exponentially rapid advancements in technology may now, according to some, be putting us squarely in the face of our own irrelevance or e...Digital realities; Interpersonal communication; Modern dance; Sociology; Technology; Time2013-08
15 Parker, Sara BethDancing amidst flames: discomfort and surrender as a catalyst for artistic growth in choreography and performanceThe practice of yoga has had a profound impact on me as a dancer and artist, serving as a new lens and conceptual framework I have applied to my creative work. Both dance and yoga allow me the unique opportunity to experience who I am by emphasis on self-investigation through expansion of consciousn...Dance; Myth; Philosophy: Yoga2015-05
16 Beaumont, Jennifer AnnDancing from within: the role of intuitionThis thesis explores the role of intuition as a component in the creative process of dance performance and choreography. The nature of intuition is examined phenomenologically and epistemologically, addressing different ways of attaining intuitive knowledge and discussing the value historically ass...Modern dance, Psychological aspects; Choreography, Psychological aspects; Intuition2008-08
17 Ririe, Abigail MarieDancing metal/dancing flesh: alternate opportunities for embodiment through cybernated addendaThe cyborg has been traditionally defined as a being that incorporates both biological and artificial parts. I am interested in expanding this definition, describing the cyborg as a person who is human+, a human being who has been added to, melding their reality with technological innovation for rea...Choreography; Cyborg; Dance; Disability; Performance; Technology2012-05
18 Bobzin, Lynn MarieDancing toward humanity: accessing embodiment in artifice within the choreographic and performative processesThis thesis research investigates the role of actualized embodiment in the choreographic creative process in order to articulate and access visceral, raw, poetic essences of humanity inside performance. How does one find honesty inside of an experience that is crafted with artifice, or, actualizatio...Being doing; Creative process; Embodiment; Empathy; Vulnerability2013-08
19 Bagley, Claire ValeneEditing in the choreographic process: "I am a work of fiction"In this paper, I will speak about how I supplemented film editing techniques, such as the "Rule of Six" and montage, among others, to the choreographic process for the development of my dance piece "I am a work of fiction." This paper will tell the story of my process in constructing an original and...Creative process; Dance; Film editing; Graphic novel; Montage; Pina Bausch2013-08
20 Sailer, Kathryn PatriciaEmbodied spectacle: an exploration of three-dimensional performanceThis thesis chronicles a theoretical and creative journey through dance as a three-dimensional performance environment. I follow in the footsteps of architectural historians and psychologists as I propose that the performance experience is affected by its structural frame. My desire to create a perf...Choreography; Installation; Modern dance; Postmodern; Site-specific; Three-dimensional2012-05
21 Ramos, AlysiaEmbodying eclecticism from potential to actualizationThis thesis examines a disjunction, or marked contrast, between dance training encompassing diverse and multiple approaches and the increasingly narrow representations of modern dance in technique and choreography. If modern dance is to be understood as deriving from a belief that dance can constitu...Choreography; Composition; Dance; Eclecticism; Embodiment; Nomadic theory2014-08
22 Stich, Elizabeth AnneEmbodying identity: movement as an experience of selfDance is a way of knowing the self, but who is the self that is known and how does one come to know it? In this research, I explore the relationship between movement and identity, drawing on the disciplines of modern dance; Self Psychology, as defined by Heinz Kohut; Creative Systems Theory, as art...Creativity; Identity; Laban movement analysis; Modern dance; Movement; Self2011-05
23 Womack, Jessica SaraEmbodying tourism and performance: a new look at landscapeThis research examines the interrelationship between tourism, nature, and performance. I explore the questions: How do tourists, like dancers, perform their roles and what are the tools they use for this performance? How does an awareness of the body provide a consciousness of the spaces where we li...Modern dance; Tourism and the arts2008-08
24 Schaub, CarlyFrom tremor to movement: a choreographic process with fitzmaurice voiceworkThis thesis examines the process of using Fitzmaurice Voicework (FV) in a choreographed dance. I hypothesized that using FV would generate a different choreographic process beyond habitual movement patterns, and investigated these questions: Through the breaking down of habitual technique patterns, ...choreography; Fitzmaurice; improvisation; technique; tremor; Voicework2016
25 Pickett, SaraHip hop artistic modelThe purpose of this research was to understand the ideas and motivations behind hip hop as artistic practice to inform contemporary artistic discourse. The research identifies the historical beginnings of the four elements of the hip hop arts which are the DJ, the MC, the Breakdancer and the Graf...Hip-hop; Hip-hop dance; Break dancing2008-11
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