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1 Arnold, StevenMSGIS PortfolioGeography2016-12
2 Cao, LinaAnthropogenic habitat disturbance and the dynamics of hantavirus using remote sensing, GIS, and a spatially explicit agent-based modelAgent-based model; Deer mouse; GIS; Hantavirus; MODIS; Peromyscus maniculatusGeography2010-08
3 Hile, Ryan PatrickThinking inside the black box: enhancing the social vulnerability index with an artificial neural networkArtificial Neural Networks; Environmental Hazards; Geocomputation; GIS; Social Vulnerability; Social Vulnerability IndexGeography2015-08
4 Unger, Corey DanielCreating spatial data infrastructure to facilitate the collection and dissemination of geospatial data to aid in disaster managementDisaster management; Geographic information systems; GIS; SDI; Spatial data infrastructure; Volunteer geographic informationGeography2015-05
5 Van Drimmelen, Marquessa NixonFamily gathering in evacuations: a case-study of the 2007 Angora fireEvacuation; Family gathering; FireGeography2010-08
6 Zhang, YuanA rangeland predictive phenological model for the upper Colorado River Basin and its web deliveryDecision support system; Multivariate adaptive regression splines; Phenological modeling; Phenology; Remote sensing; Upper Colorado River BasinGeography2013-08
7 Zumbado, Thomas CalderonAn investigation of the philosophical changes of the Abu Sayyaf group using geospatial analysisAbu sayyaf group; Crime; Geospatial; Philippines; Terrorism; TransformatioGeography2011-08
8 Coates, Austin ReeceHyperspectral remote sensing for monitoring species-specific drought impacts in Southern CaliforniaDrought; Hyperspectral; Species-Specific; Spectral Mixture AnalysisGeography2015
9 Fu, LiweiBicycling preferences and behavior in salt lake cityattitude; bicycling frequency; preferences; route choice; valuesGeography2015
10 Turrin, James BradleyMeasuring glacier velocities on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, using multispectral satellite imagery with feature trackingGlaciers--Alaska; Glaciology; Aerial photographyGeography2010-03-20
11 Turney, Lovina AbbottHolocene climate, vegetation, and fire linkages in the Uinta Mountains, UtahCharcoal; Climate; Holocene; PollenGeography2014-12
12 Baskin, Robert LeRoyOccurrence and spatial distribution of microbial bioherms in Great Salt Lake, UtahDistribution; Great Salt Lake; Microbial bioherm; Microbialite; Stromatolite; ThromboliteGeography2014-12
13 Howard, Kelsey AnnA late pleistocene to early holocene climate, vegetation and fire history record for the bonneville basin, utah, usaBonneville Basin; Climate; Vegetation; Fire History; Heinrich Events; Lake Bonneville; Paleoecology; Paleo IndiansGeography2016-05
14 Koll, Rebecca AnnLong-term vegetation, climate, and fire history in the Eastern Uinta Mountains, Utah, U.S.A.Geography2012-05
15 Fryer, Gregory K.Wildland firefighter entrapment avoidance: developing evacuation trigger points utilizing the wildland urban interface evacuation (WUIVAC) fire spread modelWildfire entrapment; Firefighter entrapment; Evacuation trigger points; FlamMap; GIS; Wildfire spread modeling; Wildland fire; Wildland urban interface evacuationGeography2012-05
16 Conrad, Edward C.Using species distribution models to quantify climate change impacts on the rosy-finch superspecies: an alpine obligateboosted regression trees; calibrated AUC; climate change impacts; Leucosticte; niche modeling; random forest regression treesGeography2015-08
17 Carter, Vachel AshleyThe role of climate variability and disturbances on forest ecology in the intermountain westclimate change; disturbance; Intermountain West; Rocky Mountains; vegetation changeGeography2016
18 Chavez, Vanessa GraceClimatic influences on two cienega complexes from northern baja california: a ~45,000 year paleoecological recordBaja California; ENSO; Fire; Late-glacial; MonsoonGeography2016
19 Miller, JulieCharacterizing the relationship between Ku-band radar backscatter and snow accumulation on the Greenland ice sheetGreenland ice sheet; Scatterometry; Snow accumulationGeography2012-12
20 Morris, Stacy RandolphAfter the Fremont: fire and vegetation history of prehistoric abandonment and historic occupation of Range Creek Canyon, UtahFire, Fremont; Native American; Range Creek Canyon; VegetationGeography2010-08
21 Nishizawa, ShizuoBonneville lake basin shoreline records of large lake and abrupt climate change eventsAbrupt climate change events; Lake Bonneville; Lake surface area; Monsoons; Shoreline recordsGeography2010-07
22 Li, YingruA multilevel analysis of China's regional inequality in a geographic information system environmentChina regional development; China economic development; China socioeconomicGeography2012-05
23 Macharia, Anthony NjugunaReconstructing paleoenvironments using a mass-energy flux frameworkDiatoms; Palynology; Sediments; Soils; Stable isotopes; Woody coverGeography2012-12
24 Arnold, James D.Modeling climate-fire connections within the Great Basin and Upper Colorado River Basin, Western United StatesClimate; Maxent; Modeling; Spatial; Western U.S.; WildfireGeography2013-05
25 Groeneveld, Joshua AndrewAn agent-based model of bicyclists accessing light-rail stations in Salt Lake CityAgent-based model; Bicycle; Mulitmodal; NetLogo; Salt Lake City, UtahGeography2011-08
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