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1 Taylor, John MichaelA comparison of the cyclone and the horizontal elutriator for sampling respirable dust in a Utah coal mine.Dust Control; Mine Safety1982-06thesis
2 Sunada, Grant RogerA Longitudinal Study of Women Coaching Women Through Motivational Interviewing and the Interrelationships Between Depression, Health Behaviors, and Changes in ObesityPublic health; Mental health; Behavioral sciences2018dissertation
3 Moore, Richard HowardAIDS knowledge and attitudes in a Utah seventh and eighth grade populationRisk Factors; Adolescent; Health Services Research1988-12thesis
4 Loomis, John WalterAn assessment of airborne N-nitrosamine formation in the presence of explosives and diesel powered equipment in an underground mine.Mine Explosions; Catalyst Compounds1982-03dissertation
5 Weidner, Barbara LouiseAn Assessment of factors contributing to hospital utilization: and a look at deficiencies in the Utah projection process of hospital bed demand.Utilization Review; Utah1980-06thesis
6 Davis, Mark BitnerAn evaluation of a passive nitrous oxide monitor.Adminstration and Dosage; Anesthesiathesis
7 Kimball, Anne CollierAn industrial hygiene field study of dental laboratories in the greater Salt Lake area.Hazardous Substances; Utah; Salt Lake County1983-06thesis
8 Casper, LoriApplicability of the Pregnancy Identity Model in predicting attitudes and intentions about prenatal care among Hispanic women in UtahUtah2001-05thesis
9 Olsen, Gary J.Applied cost-outcome analysis for mental health management.Economics; Salt Lake Couty; Utah1983-03thesis
10 Panichello, Janice Ann DavinArsenic in Community Drinking Water Systems and Small for Gestational Age Birth, Pregnancy-Related Hypertension, and Stillbirth in Utah, 1989-20062011-05dissertation
11 Bolton, Daniel J.Aspects of Opioid Regulation and Effects on Opioid Users2015-12dissertation
12 Munene, Esther N.Assessing Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior, and Practices Related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in a United States-Based Refugee PopulationHIV-positive persons - United States; HIV-positive persons - Attitudes; Refugees - Medical care - United States2012-05dissertation
13 Metos, Julie M.Assessing the Influence of High School Practices and Community Characteristics on Adolescent Obesity2012-05dissertation
14 Mann, N. ClayAttempt at the integration of indigenous and Western medicines in BoliviaBolivia; Medical Care; Andean Mountains1990-06thesis
15 Wright, William EvanCharacterization of zeolite fibers using scanning electron microscopy.Borosilicate Glass; Mesothelimoa1979-08thesis
16 Miller, Ross N.Combined exposure of methylene chloride and carbon monoxide in smoking and nonsmoking paint strippers.Tobacco; Physicological Effect; Carbon Monoxide; Dichioromethane1983-12thesis
17 Gallagher, Jane Elizabeth.Comparative effects of chrysotile asbestos fibers on lavaged pulmonary macrophages.Pulmonary Lavage; Phagocoytes1983-06thesis
18 Morgan, Rory WatsonComparative study of four different scavenging systems for nitrous oxideScavenging Systems; Anesthetic Gas; Field Investigations1984-06thesis
19 Marcinko, Robert JamesComparison of a personal sampling technique with a Six-Stage Andersen Cascade Impactor for viable bacterial aerosols in a mushroom plantAir Sampling Apparatus; Microorganisms; Agricultural Workers1981-08thesis
20 Johnson, Gary LynnComparison of liquid medium and charcoal tube sampling methods for ethylene oxideAnalysis; Charcoal Tube Sampling Method; ETO1983-08thesis
21 Alexander, Gary JamesComparison of selected direct reading instruments used for sampling fumigants in the grain handling industry.Public Health; Toxicity2008-02-14thesis
22 Taylor, John MichaelComparison of the cyclone and the horizontal elutriator for sampling respirable dust in a Utah coal mineCoal mines and mining1982-04thesis
23 Teteberg, Liana BarbaraComparison study of a centralized versus a decentralized method of utilization control of outpatient services in a health maintenance organizationUtilization Control Methods; Utah; FHP Providers1985-12thesis
24 Reed, Barbara DianeCompliance with acute otitis media treatement.Drug Therapy; Physicians1984-03thesis
25 Trott, David C.Coronary risk intervention in a county health department setting.Prevention and Control; Risk Factors1981-06thesis
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