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1 Price, Sara SueA comparison of Gosiute material culture and the archaeology of Western UtahGosiute Indians; Gosiute Indians; Antiquities Utah; Antiquities1952thesis
2 Christensen, James BoydA social survey of the negro population of Salt Lake City, Utah1948thesis
3 Kopp, Derinna VivianAdaptation of cancellous bone to habitual loading: trabecular architecture of the artiodactyl calcaneusBone adaptation; Cancellous bone; Trabecular architecture2014-05dissertation
4 Hodson, Gabrielle StellaAdaptive responses to scarcity among lactating desert womenAdaptation; Alloparenting; Energy expenditure; Hot-cold syndrome; Lactation2011-12dissertation
5 Hart, Isaac AlfredAfter the Rain: Using Paleoclimatic and Paleoecological Methods to Inform Archaeological Investigation in Baja California and Range Creek Canyon, UtahArchaeology; Paleoecology2017dissertation
6 Martin, Erik Paul JohnsonAn examination of the role of costly signaling and projectile optimization in prehistoric large game hunting in the Great Basin2019dissertation
7 Arismendi, Jacquel LynnAncient MtDNA sequences from prehistoric north american arctic populationsAncient DNA; Mitochondrial DNA; Molecular Anthropology; North American Arctic; Population prehistory2015dissertation
8 Bohlender, Ryan JamesArchaic admixture in modern humansArchaic admixture; Denisovan; Gene genealogy; Neanderthal; Population genetics2015dissertation
9 Tackney, Justin C.Arctic prehistory through ancient dnaancient DNA; Beringia; Mitochondria; Native Americans; Next-generation Sequencing; Population Genetics2016dissertation
10 Ward, Mercedes MarieCommon property and cosmology: conservation incentives among the miskitu of nicaraguaCommon pool resource; Common property; Miskitu; Natural resource management; Sustainability; Wildlife conservation2015dissertation
11 Hall, Henry JohnsonDiet and disease at Clyde's Cavern, Utah : as revealed Via Paleoscatology1972thesis
12 Redman, James Clyde AllenThe Diwaniyya: guestroom sociability and bureaucratic brokerage in KuwaitCultural anthropology; Middle Eastern Studies; Near Eastern Studies2014-08dissertation
13 Berry, Michael SabineThe evans mound: cultural adaptation in Southwestern Utah1974thesis
14 Boomgarden, Shannon ArnoldExperimental maize farming in range creek canyon, utahExperimental archaeology; Farming; Fremont; Maize2015-08dissertation
15 Coxworth, James E.First among equals: male-male competition among the bardi of Northwestern Australia and its implications for human evolutionAboriginal Australia; Deference; Natural selection; Nonhuman primates; Prestige; Status2013-08dissertation
16 Fishler, Stanley A.From the beginning : a Navaho creation mythNavajo Indians -- Religion Creation; Navajo mythology1951thesis
17 Torosin, Nicole S.Genetic variation in toll-like receptor 7 and toll-like receptor 8 in humans and howler monkeys and potential implications for susceptibility to yellow fever virus2019dissertation
18 Smithson, Carma LeeHavasupai womanHavasupai Indians; Grand Canyon1956thesis
19 Smith, Silvia EHuman and mycobacterial coevolution: the role of genetic recombination in reconstructing the evolutionary history of these important human pathogensCoevolution; Horizontal gene transfer; Human disease; Mycobaterial disease evolution; TB evolution2010dissertation
20 Robson, Shannen LorraineHuman life histories in an evolutionary and comparative contextDentition; Encephalization; Heterogeneity; Life history; Marital fertility; Twinning2011-08dissertation
21 Kennedy, Brett JacobIdentifying sources of genetic differentiation in human populationsAdmixture; Human adaptation; Population genetics; Principal component analysis2013-08dissertation
22 Reiss-Brennan, BrendaIntegrating mind and body healing into primary care: a team approachChronic conditions; Depression; Mind-body healing; Patient reported outcome; Primary care; Team care2013-08dissertation
23 Smith, Valene LucyKotzebue: a modern Alaskan Eskimo communityEskomos-Alaska-Kotzebue; Kotzebue (Alaska)-Social conditions1966-06thesis
24 Leonard, Chelsea A.Meat or potatoes? reevaluating the role of plant foods in human evolutiondental calculus; foragers; human evolution; nutrition2015dissertation
25 Marwitt, John PaulMedian Village and Fremont Culture Regional Variation1971dissertation
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