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1 19th Ward Meetinghouse and Relief Society Hall168 W. 500 NorthSalt Lake City
2 Allen, J. R., House1047 E. 13200 SouthDraper
3 Allsop--Jensen House8829 S. 400 East St.Sandy
4 Altadena Apartments310 S. 300 E.Salt Lake City
5 Amundsen, Dyre and Maria, House307 E. Winchester StreetMurray
6 Anderberg, Thomas and Beda, House28 E. Pioneer Ave.Sandy
7 Anderson, Alfred C. and Annie L. Olsen, House8850 South 60 EastSandy
8 Anderson, Charles M. and Fannie M. Allsop, House498 E. Locust St.Sandy
9 Anderson, Frederick C. and Anna, House8650 S. Center St.Sandy
10 Anderson, John A., House510 E. 8800 SouthSandy
11 Anderson, Y. Martin and Hannah Nelson, House8832 South 90 EastSandy
12 Anselmo, Fortunato, House164 S. 900 EastSalt Lake City
13 Arbuckle, George, House747 E. 17th SouthSalt Lake City
14 Armista Apartments555 E. 100 SouthSalt Lake City
15 Armstrong, Francis, House667 E. 1st SouthSalt Lake City
16 Ashby Apartments358 E. 100 SouthSalt Lake City
17 Avenues Historic DistrictRoughly bounded by 1st and 9th Aves., State and Virginia Sts.Salt Lake City
18 Avenues Historic District (amended)A Street, 6 AVE, South TempleSalt Lake City
19 B'nai Israel Temple249 S. 400 EastSalt Lake City
20 Baldwin, Charles, House229 S. 1200 EastSalt Lake City
21 Baldwin, Nathaniel, House2374 Evergreen Ave.Salt Lake City
22 Bamberger, Simon, House623 E. 100 SouthSalt Lake City
23 Bateman Agriculture and Development Company198 E. 8760 South St.Sandy
24 Beattie, Jeremiah, House655 E. 200 SouthSalt Lake City
25 Beck, Reid, House12542 S. 900 EastDraper
1 - 25 of 364