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1 Black Dragon Canyon PictographsAddress RestrictedGreen River
2 Castle Dale High School Shop300 N. Center St.Castle Dale
3 Castle Dale School100 North and 100 EastCastle Dale
4 Christensen, Paul C., HouseOff UT 10Castle Dale
5 Denver and Rio Grande Lime KilnSE of ClevelandCleveland
6 Emery LDS ChurchOff UT 10Emery
7 Ferron Box Pictographs and PetroglyphsAddress RestrictedFerron
8 Ferron Presbyterian Church and CottageMill Rd. and 3rd WestFerron
9 Green River Presbyterian Church134 W. Third Ave.Green River
10 Huntington Roller Mill and Miller's House400 North St.Huntington
11 Huntington Tithing Granary65 W. 300 NorthHuntington
12 Johansen, Peter, HouseN of Castle Dale off UT 29Castle Dale
13 Larson, Lars Peter, HouseOff UT 155Cleveland
14 Lemmon, Leander, House45 West CenterHuntington
15 Rochester-Muddy Creek Petroglyph SiteAddress RestrictedEmery
16 San Rafael BridgeCo. Rd. 3-32 over the San Rafael River, approximately 23 mi. SE of Castle DaleCastle Dale
17 Seeley, Justis Wellington II, HouseCenter and 100 South Sts.Castle Dale
18 Singleton, Samuel, HouseS of Ferron on UT 10Ferron
19 Temple Mountain Wash PictographsAddress RestrictedHanksville
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