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1 Mohonri M. Young as a childuum_mapImage
2 Mohonri M. Young as an adult, with Jack Searsuum_mapImage
3 Agnes M. Young, mother of Mohonri Younguum_mapImage
4 Mohonri Moriancumer Young, father of Mohonri Young.uum_mapImage
5 Winnie and Walli Young as children, brothers of Mohonri Young.uum_mapImage
6 Statue of Brigham Young by Mohonri Young. Statue stands in the nation's capitol in Washington D.C.uum_mapImage
7 Margaret Nightingale Caine, wife of John T. Caineuum_mapImage
8 John T. Caineuum_mapImage
9 John T. Caine in theater productionuum_mapImage
10 Brigham Young, portrait belonging to Susa Young Gatesuum_mapImage
11 View of Salt Lake City, early 19th centuryuum_mapImage
12 Utah Experiment Station--experiements in feedinguum_mapImage
13 Inaguration of President Grover Clevelanduum_mapImage
14 Unidentified photograph group of young men and women; perhaps graduation portrait of some kind, ca. 1880s.uum_mapImage
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