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1 Helen Bamberger Behal with her infant son Arthur Bamberger Behal.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n151
2 Three generational portrait. Ida Maas Bamberger, Helen Bamberger Behal and Regina Eissman Maas.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n152
3 Julian Bamberger and friends at a birthday party.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n153
4 Julian M. Bamberger at a music lesson. The room in which Bamberger and his teacher are sitting is filled with late nineteenth century furniture and accessories.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n154
5 Julian and Elsa Bamgerger with other members of their family (?) standing in a field.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n159
6 Julian Bamberger, middle child on the far left, at the Bryant School.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n161
7 Children wearing sailor costumes performing at Laudrum's Dancing School. Dorothy Bamberger Allen and Elsa Bamberger Michael are the two girls in the middle.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n162
8 Jet Taylor and the sailor boys perfoming at Laudrum's Dancing School. Julian and Clarence Bamberger are sailor boys.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n163
9 Portrait of Helen (age 10), Julian (age 6), and Elsa Bamberger.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n164
10 Helen, Julian and Sidney Bamberger.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n165
11 Women and men gathered on the steps of the Utah State Capitol buiding (?) Heber J. Grant is standing on the third row, fourth from the left. And Simon Bamberger is located on the first row, fifth from the left.P0225 Simon Bamberger Photograph Collectionp0225n195
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