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1 1964 United States Olympic Alpine Team.P0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373 OSn01
2 Group portrait of the 1948 Olympic Downhill and Slalom Ski Team in July of 1947. Front row L to R: Albert Sigal, Walter Prager, Alf Engen, Durrock Crook. Second row L to R: Gretchen Fraser, Paula Kann, BrynhildGrasmoen, Andrea Mead, Dorothy Post, Rebecca Fraser, Anne Winn, Suzanne Harris, Ruth-Marie Stewart. Third row L to R: Dick Movitz, Dev Jennings, David Faires, Barney McLean, Bobby Blatt, Colin Stewart, George Macomber, Jack Reddish. Fourth row L to R: Gene Gillis, John Blatt, Steve Knowlton.P0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_01
3 U.S. Olympic Ski Team, 1947. L to R: Brynhild Grasmoen, Dev Jennings, Anne Winn, Alf Engen, Jack Reddish, Dick MovitzP0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_02
4 L to R: Dick Movitz, Rhonda Wurtel, Barney McLean, Rhoda Wurtle, Walter Prager.P0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_03
5 1947 Women's Olympic Ski Team. Back row, L to R: Anne Wynn, Becky Fraser, Ruth Stewart, Dodie Post. Front row, L to R: Paula Kann, Gretchen Fraser, Andrea Mead, Brynhild Grasmoen.P0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_04
6 Three ski team members packing their bags. L to R: Dev Jennings, Dick Movitz, Jack Reddish.P0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_05
7 Dev Jennings, Jack Reddish and Dick Movitz carrying their skis over their shoulders.P0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_06
8 Jack Reddish, Dev Jennings and Dick Movitz looking at a magazine articleP0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_07
9 Jack Reddish racing down the slopeP0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_08 and 1_01_09
10 Jack Reddish racing down the slope.P0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_01_10
11 Unidentified airborne ski jumper.P0373 Olympic Ski Team Photograph CollectionP0373n1_02_01
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