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1 Lars Johansen (1794-1883) and his wife, Ann Margaret Sorenson (b. 1797), emmigrants to Utah from Denmark; paternal grandparents of Lauretta Kidman.P0051 Lauretta Kidman Photograph Collectionp0051n01_01_01
2 Lauritz Larsen (1834-1895), father of Lauretta L. KidmanP0051 Lauretta Kidman Photograph Collectionp0051n01_01_02
3 Ottomina Mariea Christensen Jensen Larsen Clyde (b. 1863), mother of Lauretta L. Kidman.P0051 Lauretta Kidman Photograph Collectionp0051n01_01_03
4 Lauritz Orson Larsen, 1867-1913, half brother of Lauretta Kidman. Bishop of Spring City and part owner of the Larsen-Anderson Co-op.P0051 Lauretta Kidman Photograph Collectionp0051n01_01_04
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