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1 Utah Shoe Repair, Magna, Utah, 1920sP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_02_29
2 Utah Shoe Repair, Magna, Utah, 1920sP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_02_33
3 Delegation headed by Fortunato Anselmo, Italian Vice-Consul, at Castle Gate, Utah after mine explosion.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_02_28
4 Christopher Columbus Lodge float, Salt Lake City, utah, July 24, 1924.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_53
5 Federazione Columbiana, Lodge No. 68 "Columbus Day" October 12, 1929.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_03_43
6 All-State Italian Day, Lagoon Resort, ca. 1953P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_51
7 Italian family prior to leaving Italy, 1920P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_05_59
8 Helper Power Plant and crew, ca. 1925P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_05_62
9 Building the Carbon HotelP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_02_25
10 Saltair, ca 1935-1936P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_02_20
11 Italian wedding celebration, Carbon County, UtahP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_57
12 Italian wedding celebration, Spring Canyon, UtahP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_05_61
13 Sunnyside, Utah, n.d.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_03_45
14 Behind the Double Rock Store, Helper, Utah, ca. 1914.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_02_23
15 Delivery Wagon, Double Rock Store, Helper, Utah, ca. 1914P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_03_40
16 Double Rock Store, Helper, Utah, ca.1912P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_03_46
17 Double Rock Store, pictured are Joe (?), Margaret Bergera Bertolina, Floyd C. Bertolina, Carlo Bertolina, Mr. Brown (butcher), and Pete Ballow (D&RG Engineer), Helper, Utah, 1919.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_01_03
18 Frank Norton of the Sunnyside Band, Sunnyside, Utah, 1919.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_03_44
19 Members of the Burascano family in St. George, Utah.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_56
20 Italian family portrait, Helper, Utah, 1928P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_05_60
21 Members of the Aragona Burascano family in Santa Lucia, Messina, Italy, before coming to America. Relatives of Mrs. Louis Lingos, Salt Lake City, Utah.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n55
22 Italian Prisoners of War, 1944P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_02_32
23 Sunnyside Italian Band, Sunnyside, Utah, 1918P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_03_42
24 Sunnyside Italian Band, Sunnyside, Utah, 1918P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_03_41
25 Dike repairing at Scofield, Utah, 1927-1928P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_03_37
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