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1 index page for Fig's. 25a and 25b1940uum_map
2 index page for Fig. 281940uum_map
3 (Fig. 2) "The evolution of gilsonite transportation showing the original mule teams, the old Uintah Railroad from Mack, Colorado, to Watson, Utah, and the modern truck transportation."1949uum_map
4 (Fig. 12) "West drift - Full width 16½ ft. [at] Bonanza Mine (before 1945 fire)."1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945uum_map
5 (Fig. 5) "Occurrence of horizontal beds of gilsonite between layers of the Green River shale."1949uum_map
6 (Fig. 8) "Fire resulting from a Gilsonite explosion [at] Bonanza Mine (1945) [Salt Lake?]" Tribune [photo]"1945uum_map
7 (Fig. 7) "Interior of Rainbow Mine, Utah"1949uum_map
8 (Fig. 6) "Early mining of gilsonite [at] Rainbow Mine, Utah"1949uum_map
9 index page for Fig's. 24a and 24b.1940uum_map
10 index page for Fig's. 29a and 29b1940uum_map
11 (Fig. 15) "Slusher house, truck hopper and scraper slide used in the Bonanza Mine stripping operations."1949uum_map
12 (Fig. 16) "Crushing and Screening Plant, Head Frame No. 14 Shaft, Bonanza Mine."1949uum_map
13 (Fig. 14) "Surface vein width and tail-rope arrangement of the Bonanza Mine stripping operations".1949uum_map
14 (Fig. 11) "Drift-Bonanza Mine (Before 1945 fire)."1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945uum_map
15 (Fig. 4) "Looking southeast along Cowboy Vein, Uinta Sandstones in the foreground, the Green River Shales in the distance."1934uum_map
16 (Fig. 6) "Steeply dipping Triassic Sandstones, on north rim of basin."1934uum_map
17 (Fig. 12) "The melt plant of the Pariette Mining Company."1934uum_map
18 (Fig. 11) "The Bandana Mine on the Cowboy Vein."1934uum_map
19 (Fig. 16.) "Ore from American Asphalt Association Mines awaiting shipment at Dragon, Utah."1934uum_map
20 (Fig. 14) "Looking along row of headframes and shaft collars of Bonanza Mine."1934uum_map
21 (Fig. 13) "Looking northwest along the Rainbow vein."1934uum_map
22 (Fig. 24a) "A prospect pit on the Stacey reed Lease sunk in search of the Fort Duchesne vein, hidden beneath the mantle of boulders and river gravel from the Uinta River. The man inspecting the pit is Harry Pearson, one of the stockholders of the Western Gilsonite and Elaterite Company."1949uum_map
23 (Fig. 2) "Old workings along Culmer vein"1934uum_map
24 index page for Fig's. 26a and 26b1940uum_map
25 (Fig. 29a) "Winter scene looking southwestward from a point approximately where it is proposed to sink the new two-compartment shaft of the Western Gilsonite and Elaterite Company. The fence running west from the clump of buffalo-berry bushes in the center of the photograph is the southern boundary of the Arrowchis Lease, and the point where this fence line leaves the picture at the extreme right is where the connection will be made with the power line of the Uinta Power and Light Company."1940uum_map
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