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1 Dean Roberts, age 15. Snow Basin, 1946. "Here you have the latest ski fashion for the year 1946. Please note the tapered trousers fitting snugly into the boot uppers. And the boots, themselves, are a product of the latest technology of the times, with full leather uppers, square hole at the toe that fits securely into the toe irons and the sturdy laces, which when pulled tightly, provides all the ankle support anyone could possibly wish. Just imagine the wonder edge control provided by these boots. [P] Also, please note the striped shirt over which our model wears a plaid shirt-jacket, which not only provides warmth, but allows for necessary freedom of movement. And, of course, you can't overlook the necessary scarf needed for such outings in the snow. All this topped off by a visored ski cap. [P] Our model is also displaying the very latest in ski equipment. Skis by Northland of solid ridge top hickory with "Lettner" steel edges securely screwed to the bottom edges. And of course, they would not be complete without adjustable "Dovre" cables to hold the heel of the boot securely in place. [P] And not to be overlooked is the professional manner that these ski togs are displayed by our model, Mr. Dean Roberts. Very cool the way he hooks his thumb in the pants pocket. Don't you think so?. Author: Kenneth Oscar (Buss) RobertsP0977 Dean Roberts Photograph Collectionp0977n01_01_01
2 Dedication of Trond Engen ski jump at Snow Basin 1951. Dean [Roberts] on left won class C, Alf Engen, center, won Class A, and Emmet Parker [right] class BP0977 Dean Roberts Photograph Collectionp0977n01_01_02
3 [L - R: Darrell Wagstaff [pioneer freestyle skier], Dean Roberts. 1979]P0977 Dean Roberts Photograph Collectionp0977n01_01_03
4 [Dean Roberts skiing at Solitude ski area]P0977 Dean Roberts Photograph Collectionp0977n01_01_04
5 [Dean Roberts skiing]P0977 Dean Roberts Photograph Collectionp0977n01_01_05
6 Dean Roberts skiingP0977 Dean Roberts Photograph Collectionp0977n01_01_05
7 [Dean Roberts skiing at Snowbird]P0977 Dean Roberts Photograph Collectionp0977n01_01_06
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