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1 Allsop--Jensen House8829 S. 400 East St.Sandy
2 Anderberg, Thomas and Beda, House28 E. Pioneer Ave.Sandy
3 Anderson, Alfred C. and Annie L. Olsen, House8850 South 60 EastSandy
4 Anderson, Charles M. and Fannie M. Allsop, House498 E. Locust St.Sandy
5 Anderson, Frederick C. and Anna, House8650 S. Center St.Sandy
6 Anderson, John A., House510 E. 8800 SouthSandy
7 Anderson, Y. Martin and Hannah Nelson, House8832 South 90 EastSandy
8 Bateman Agriculture and Development Company198 E. 8760 South St.Sandy
9 Brady--Brady House8395 South 1000 EastSandy
10 Christopherson, William, House8847 South 360 EastSandy
11 Crescent Elementary School11020 S. State St.Sandy
12 Cushing, Arthur George & Mary Aggie, House123 E. PioneerSandy
13 Cushing, Arthur George, Mary Aggie, House (amended form)123 E. Pioneer Avenue (listed as 114 W. Pioneer Avenue)Sandy
14 Cushing, Ernest and Sadie, House60 E. Pioneer Ave.Sandy
15 Cushing, James and Maria Long, House68 E. Pioneer Ave.Sandy
16 Dobbs, Emma Olive, House578 E. 8885 South St.Sandy
17 Dowding, Hannah Nash, House8830 S 60 ESandy
18 Dowding--Rasmussen House98 E. Main St.Sandy
19 Farrer, Benjamin and Jane Cook, House530 E. 8800 SouthSandy
20 Farrer, John William, House39 E. PioneerSandy
21 Gardner, Archibald R. and Violet Clark, House31 E. Pioneer Ave.Sandy
22 Granite LDS Ward Chapel--Avard Fairbanks Studio9800 S 3100 ESandy
23 Graves, Riley H. and Sarah Ann Russell, House8585 South 100 EastSandy
24 Green, Alvin and Annie, House8400 Danish Rd.Sandy
25 Hardcastle, Orlando H. and Emma H., House8751 South 40 EastSandy
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