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1 Avelan Apartments449 Twenty-seventh St.Ogden
2 Avon Apartments961 Twenty-fifth St.Ogden
3 Barnhart Apartments336 Twenty-seventh St.Ogden
4 Becker, Gustav, House2408 Van Buren Ave.Ogden
5 Ben Lomond Hotel Garage455 25th StreetOgden
6 Bertha Eccles Community Art Center2580 Jefferson Ave.Ogden
7 Bigelow--Ben Lomond Hotel2510 Washington Blvd.Ogden
8 Browning Apartments2703 Washington Blvd.Ogden
9 Browning, John Moses, House505 27th St.Ogden
10 Congregation B'rith Sholem Synagogue2750 GrantOgden
11 Cross, Charles W., House451 17th St.Ogden
12 Dalton, John L. and Elizabeth, House2622 Madison Ave.Ogden
13 Downing Apartments357--359 Twenty-seventh St.Ogden
14 Dumke, John F., and Lillia, House1607 Kiesel Ave.Ogden
15 Eccles Avenue Historic DistrictBounded by 25th and 26th Sts., Van Buren and Jackson Aves.Ogden
16 Eccles Building385 24th St.Ogden
17 El Monte Golf Course Clubhouse1300 Valley Dr.Ogden
18 Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd2374 Grant Ave.Ogden
19 Fairview Apartments579--587 Twenty-seventh St.Ogden
20 Farnsworth Apartments2539 Jefferson Ave.Ogden
21 Farr, Valasco, House700 Canyon Rd.Ogden
22 Fern--Marylyn Apartments2579 Adams Ave.Ogden
23 Flowers Apartments2681 Madison Ave.Ogden
24 Fontenelle Apartments2465--2475 Monroe Ave.Ogden
25 Geffas Apartments2675 Grant Ave.Ogden
1 - 25 of 61