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1 8. Wandervers. swdtsch. Neurol by Hitzig -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
2 A Case of Raeder's Syndrome by Prusinski et al -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
3 A Clinical Comparison of Cluster Headache and Migraine by Ekbom -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
4 A Further Minute Analysis by Electric Stimulation of the So-Called Motor Region of the Cortex Cerebri in the Monkey (Macacus sinicus) -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
5 A Particular Variety of Headache by Symonds -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
6 A Record of Experiments upon the Functions of the Cerebral Cortex by Horsley & Schafer -- Illustrations and Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
7 A Record of Experiments upon the Functions of the Cerebral Cortex by Horsley and Schaefer -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
8 A Record of experiments on the effects of lesion of different regions of the cerebral hemispheres by Ferrier and Yeo -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
9 Acetylcholine in the Mechanism of Headaches of the Migraine Type by Kunkle -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
10 Action sur le coeur de l'excitation faradique d'un lobe anterieur du cerveau, l'un des pneumogastriques etant coupe by Lepine -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
11 Adrenergic Mydriasis in Horner's Syndrome. Hydroxy-Amphetamine Test for Diagnosis of Post-ganglionic Defects by Thompson and Mensher -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
12 Adrenergic nerves to the eye and its adnexa in rabbit and guinea-pig by Ehinger -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
13 Amygdalotomy and Hypothalmamotomy -- A Comparative Study by Balasubramanian and Kanaka -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
14 An Analysis of the Forces Determining the Size of the Pupil by Davangar -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
15 An Electron Microscopic Study of the Iris Stroma in Monkey and Rabbit with Particular Reference to Intercellular Contacts and Sympathetic Innervation of Anterior Layer Cells by Ringvold -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
16 Apparent Shape and Size of the Pupil Viewed Obliquely by Spring & Stiles -- Illustrations and Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
17 Ascending Spinal Pathways of the Pupillo-dilator Fibres by Harper & McSwiney -- Illustrations and Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
18 Beitrag zur Oberflächenstruktur des Pigementepithels der Menschlichen Iris by Dieterich & Franz -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
19 Bemerkungen zum Bau der Gefasse und der Gefassscheiden in der Iris by Purtscher -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
20 Beobachtungen an Einem Affen mit Verstuemmeltem Grosshirn by Goltz -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
21 Beobachtungen und Analysen Mikrozirkulatorischer Vorgänge am Rattenauge. I. Ueber das Druckabhängige Verhalten der Irisgefässe by Castenholz -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
22 Brain Stem Disorderehsl_novel_fbwText
23 Brainstem loci for sympathetic activation of the nictitating membrane and pupil in the cat by Koss and Wang -- Annotationsehsl_novel_ielImage
24 Card Tag Legendehsl_novel_ielImage
25 Card Tag Legendehsl_novel_ielImage
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