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1 "U.S.S. Missouri (BB63) raised havoc with enemy and covered the UN retreat" caption for a newspaper photograph1950-09Image; Textdha_pour
2 Associated Press article Important North Korean City Chongjin in Flames, Giving Rise to New Invasion Rumor1950-10-12Textdha_pour
3 Charles Lee Meek, February 9, 2004, Salt Lake City, Utah: an interview by Frances Merrill2004-02-09Textuum_slohp
4 Gilbert Valdez, gunners mate for the 6th division on the USS Missouri1950-05-12Image; Textdha_pour
5 John B. Martinez U.S. Navy Discharge papers1964-03-06Textdha_pour
6 Mighty Mo's Big Guns Pour Steel On Reds At Samchok newspaper article1950-09Image; Textdha_pour
7 Newspaper clipping for first half of an article about the Inchon landings and liberation of Seoul Korea1950-09Textdha_pour
8 Newspaper clipping for second half of an article about the Inchon landings and liberation of Seoul Korea1950-09Textdha_pour
9 Oral history interview of McKade Huntsman, conducted by Kalli Huntsman (transcript)2020-10-14Textuum_uc19
10 Oral history interview with Barbara J. Hutchins by Janet Cook [Transcript and Audio]2012-01-16Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
11 Oral history interview with C. D. Van Hook, M.D. by Kathryn MacKay2005-03-30Textdha_uhsoh
12 Oral history interview with David Carl Racker by Marsha Holland and Susan Cook2008-02-23Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
13 Oral history interview with Doug H. Campbell and Morris E. Johnson by Marsha Holland and Susan Cook2008-02-21Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
14 Oral history interview with John C. Willie by Marsha Holland and Susan Cook2008-02-20Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
15 Personal History album of Norman R. Farr.2000; 2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010Image; Textdha_pour
16 Several Kings County Sailors Serve in Navy newspaper articleTextdha_pour
17 U.S.S. Missouri BB-63 New Years Day Dinner 1950 Menu1950-01-01Textdha_pour
18 U.S.S. Missouri BB-63 Ship's Smoker program1950-03-19Textdha_pour
19 U.S.S. Missouri Close Cover Before Striking matchbook1944Textdha_pour
20 United States Ship Missouri BB-63 Thanksgiving 1950 menu1950-11-23Textdha_pour
21 United States Ship Missouri Christmas 19501950-12-25Textdha_pour
22 United States Ship Missouri Greetings Christmas 1949 program and menu1949-12-25Textdha_pour
23 United States Ship Missouri Thanksgiving 1949 menu and photo on ship's deck1949-11-24Image; Textdha_pour
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