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1 Oral history interview of Annie Staker, conducted by Dylan DeHaan (transcript)2021-03-12Textuum_uc19
2 Depth-based visualizations for ensemble data and graphs2018Textir_etd
3 Logarithmic kodaira dimension and zeros of holomorphic Log-One-Forms2018Textir_etd
4 The difference potentials method for problems with evolving geometry and modeling fluid flow in Sea Ice2018Textir_etd
5 A Kazhdan-Lusztig Algorithm for Whittaker Modules2018Textir_etd
6 Geometry of Out(Fn) through completely split train tracks2018Textir_etd
7 A Hop, Switch, and Jump: Stochasticity in Models of Motor-Mediated Intracellular Transport2018Textir_etd
8 Achieving Near Map Performance with an Excited Markov Chain Monte Carlo MIMO Detector2017Textir_etd
9 Stochastic modeling of random drug taking processes and the use of singular perturbation methods in pharmacokinetics2017Textir_etd
10 An examination of trapezoidal based integration formulae, with new derivation1974Textir_htca
11 Opuscula mathematica : nunc primum in lucem edita, cum rerum omnium notatu dignarum indice locupletissimo1575Textuum_rbc
12 A Holistic Approach to Learning Mathematics Through the Use of Manipulatives in an Elementary Montessori Classroom2018-05Text; Imagewc_ir
13 Central limit theorem for random polymers in weak disorder2016Textir_etd
14 Acute exercise and academic achievement in youth2015Textir_etd
15 Efficient computational methods for electromagnetic imaging with applications to 3D magnetotellurics2014-12Textir_etd
16 Dynamic behavior of biological membranes2014-12Textir_etd
17 A Module to Teach and Assess Medication Administration Principles Including Dosing, Procurement, Preparation, and Interaction with the Medication Administration Record (MAR)2014Textehsl_gradnu
18 H2(SL2 (Z[t,t-1]) ;Q) is infinite-dimensional2014-05Textir_etd
19 Dimension results for two random fractals2012-08Textir_etd
20 Numeracy in inclusive early childhood classrooms: embedding learning opportunities and using effective instructional strategies2012-08Textir_etd
21 Mathematical description of causative factors and prevention of elevated intraocular pressure after keratoplasty1977-12Textir_uspace
22 Existence of solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations2011-08Textir_etd
23 Existence, uniqueness, stochastic stability, and estimation theory of multivariate GARCH models2011-08Textir_etd
24 Enhanced nilpotent representations of a cyclic quiver2010Textir_etd
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