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1 Notice! Election officers, March 25, 1890; Program, high school contest, March 12, 18901890Textuum_sbts
2 Oral history interview of Brittney Kempema, conducted by Kaitlin Hermes (transcript)2021-03-10Textuum_uc19
3 Oral history interview with Arlene J. Halladay by Janet Cook [Transcript and Audio]2012-01-16Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
4 Oral history interview with Leah G. Jones by Ellen N. Yates [Transcript and Audio]2012-01-08Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
5 Oral history interview with Myrtle L. Barrus by Ellen N. Yates [Transcript and Audio]2011-12-07Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
6 Oral history interview with Thomas J. Callister by Patti Johnson [Transcript and Audio]2012-01-25Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
7 Oral history with EdTrujillo; 2023-05-24 [Transcript]2023-05-24Text; Sounddha_pour
8 Program for the Class of '92: Grinnell Public Schools, programs from student presentations, 1890-18911890-05Textuum_sbts
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