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1 Rational design of β-Cathenin/B-cell lymphoma 9 inhibitors, efforts to express functional ethylene receptor, and mapping the electrostatic topology of ubiquinol oxidase2019Textir_etd
2 The Determinants and consequences of improved sanitation toilets in Rural India2019Textir_etd
3 Saltair and the Mormon Church, 1893-19061983Textir_etd
4 The Role of a Discharge Nurse in Expediting the Discharge Process2021Textehsl_nursebp
5 Integration of Palliative Care Education Into Clinical Practice2021Textehsl_nursebp
6 Implementing the IDEAL Discharge Checklist: Implications for Transitions from Hospital to Home2021Textehsl_nursebp
7 Policy Proposal: Changing Benefits from Individual Units to the University of Utah Hospital Organization2021Textehsl_nursebp
8 Standardizing Birth Plans2021Textehsl_nursebp
9 Effecting Readmission of Adolescent Mental Health Patients2021Textehsl_nursebp
10 Interprofessional Rounding and Patient Experience Outcomes2021Textehsl_nursebp
11 Lactation Consultant's Effects on Maternal Mental Health2021Textehsl_nursebp
12 Implementing a Hazard Pay for ICU Nurses During COVID-19 to Reduce High Turnover Rates2021Textehsl_nursebp
13 Smoke Evacuation Promotes Nurse Health in the Operating Room2021Textehsl_nursebp
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1 - 25 of 71,968