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1 A cross-sectional examination of the predictors of commitment in skateboarders2013-08Text
2 A mixed methods approach examining alpine ski racing as a context; for positive youth development2011-08Text
3 Acute exercise and academic achievement in youth2015Text
4 Adapted physical education teachers' attitudes toward curricular outcomes for physical education2014-12Text
5 An examination of elliot's hierarchical model of approach and avoidance achievement motivation in athletes returning to sport following serious injury2016Text
6 Attitudes towards physical education activity of parents whose children are homeschooled versus parents whose children attend public school2017Text
7 Can music help athletes manage pain during an icing task? an experimental test2016Text
8 Cardiovascular control during exercise and the role of the sympathetic nervous system in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction2015Text
9 Causes of hip pain in collegiate ice hockey players2018Text
10 Coach pressure and disordered eating in female collegiate athletes: is the coach-athlete relationship a mediating variable?2011-08Text
11 Coaching behaviors of successful high school girls' basketball coaches2012-05Text
12 Cold-water-immersion and the influence of dynamic balance task and postural sway2018Text
13 Collegiate athletes' return to sport after a two-year break: a qualitative study of returned missionary athletes2009-11-13Text
14 Comparisons between family profiles of level 10 and elite female gymnasts and the United States National female gymnastic team2014-05Text
15 Depression and anxiety as predictors of Sports injury in High School Athletes2019Text
16 Determining the efficacy of the delos postural proprioceptive system as a preventative tool in a division I demale soccer team2018Text
17 Development and cross-validation of aerobic capacity prediction models in adolescent youth2014-12Text
18 Development and validation of the sport character scale2013-05Text
19 Developmental massage therapy (DMT) during early postnatal life: effect on bone growth, mineralization, and strength in juvenile and young rats2009-05Text
20 Does long-term protein phosphatase 2A inhibition in mice dysregulate peripheral glucose homeostasis, lower hepatic glycogen content, and impair insulin-mediated signal transduction in the liver?2016-12Text
21 Early adolescents' perceptions of conflict experience with teachers in a physical activity setting2008-05Text
22 The effect of adductor squeeze with intervention program on groin injury incidence rate in collegiate male hockey players2018Text
23 Effect of age, Parkinson Disease, and Dopamine on acquisition performance and retention learning of a standing implicit motor sequence task2014-05Text
24 The effect of exercise order on testosterone and cortisol responses to lower and upper body resistance training exercises2010-08Text
25 The effect of failure on physiological stress, emotional responses, and performance in high and low resilient athletes2013-08Text
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