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1 Anne Clawson Oral History Interview1977-09-08Sound; Textdha_mwi
2 Norma Matheson Oral History Interview1978-07-26Sound; Textdha_mwi
3 Kathryn Mackay Oral History Interview1979-09-19Sound; Textdha_mwi
4 Grethe Peterson Oral History Interview1979-04-30Sound; Textdha_mwi
5 Ann Decker Oral History Interview1975-10-03Sound; Textdha_mwi
6 Loneta Murphy Oral History Interview1979-10-26Sound; Textdha_mwi
7 Florence Mitchell Oral History Interview1980-05-06Sound; Textdha_mwi
8 Mary Dahl Oral History Interview1978-02-10Sound; Textdha_mwi
9 Shauna Adix Oral History Interview1975-03-25Sound; Textdha_mwi
10 Carol Lynn Pearson Oral History Interview1979-08-20Sound; Textdha_mwi
11 Retrenchment Society Oral History Interview1975-05-29Sound; Textdha_mwi
12 Christine Durham Oral History Interview1975-12-10Sound; Textdha_mwi
13 Maureen Ursenbach Beecher Oral History Interview1978-09-14Sound; Textdha_mwi
14 Irene Fisher Oral History Interview1975; 1976; 1977; 1978; 1979; 1980Sound; Textdha_mwi
15 Algie Baliff Oral History Interview1980-11-24Sound; Textdha_mwi
16 Wanda Scott Oral History Interview1980-05-06Sound; Textdha_mwi
17 Anna Taylor Oral History Interview1980-09-22Sound; Textdha_mwi
18 Marilyn Warenski Oral History Interview1979-07-01Sound; Textdha_mwi
19 Thelma Weight Oral History Interview1980-05-06Sound; Textdha_mwi
20 Fern Taylor Oral History Interview1980-09-22Sound; Textdha_mwi
21 Dixie Huefner Oral History Interview1975-03-26Sound; Textdha_mwi
22 Suzanne Bigelow Oral History Interview1975-03-18Sound; Textdha_mwi
23 Ann Marie Boyden Oral History Interview1975-07-07Sound; Textdha_mwi
24 Suzanne Grau Oral History Interview1975-10-09Sound; Textdha_mwi
25 Teddy Wood Oral History Interview1979Sound; Textdha_mwi
1 - 25 of 3,377