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1 2012 Equity and Diversity Award2012-04-05Image/MovingImageir_chicanosa
2 2013 William F Hoyt Lecture: Neuro-Ophthalmology in Review: Around the Brain with 50 Fellows2013-11-19Image/MovingImageehsl_novel_novel
3 A discussion of modernization and tradition2009Image/MovingImageuaida_main
4 A Runny Nose (Presentation Video)2011-02-05Image/MovingImageehsl_novel_fbw
5 American Westward Migration historical artifacts: Calligraphy pensImage/MovingImageuu_awm
6 American Westward Migration historical artifacts: Kesler rulerImage/MovingImageuu_awm
7 American Westward Migration historical artifacts: Locomotive Engineer HatImage/MovingImageuu_awm
8 American Westward Migration historical artifacts: SilverwareImage/MovingImageuu_awm
9 American Westward Migration historical artifacts: Silverware boxImage/MovingImageuu_awm
10 Appeal to the People for the Water - Goshute Tribal ChairmanImage/MovingImageuaida_main
11 Appeal to the Youth - Goshute Tribal ChairmanImage/MovingImageuaida_main
12 Brainstem Ocular Motor Machinery2017Image/MovingImageehsl_novel_gold
13 Central Anatomy of the Fourth Nerve2017Image/MovingImageehsl_novel_gold
14 Coyote and Frog2009Image/MovingImageuaida_main
15 Girls are bad at Math and Science....or Are They?Image/MovingImageuu_mmc_mr
16 Headband (3D image)Image/StillImage; Image/MovingImagepc_hs
17 Lunch box (3D image)Image/StillImage; Image/MovingImagepc_hs
18 Match box (3D image)Image/StillImage; Image/MovingImagepc_hs
19 Park City Resort map cup (3D image)Image/StillImage; Image/MovingImagepc_hs
20 Pseudotumor cerebri2008Image/MovingImageehsl_novel_novel
21 Ranolazine: a new antianginal agent with a novel mechanism of action2006-09-19Image/MovingImageir_uspace
22 Richard Williams - Water Babies storyImage/MovingImageuaida_main
23 The story of how the coyote's eyes turned redImage/MovingImageuaida_main
24 Subtle Torsional Pendular Nystagmus in Oculopalatal Tremor (OPT) - Figure 12017-11Image/MovingImageehsl_novel_gold
25 Utah vs. New Mexico, 19781978Image/MovingImageuu_ath_2
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