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1 "Do not touch" sign, Hogle Zoo [1]2020-05Imageuum_uc19
2 "Do not touch" sign, Hogle Zoo [2]2020-05Imageuum_uc19
3 "Extinct the virus" window sign2020-04Imageuum_uc19
4 "Go to Church" Sign on Billboard1914-04-09Imagedha_scp
5 "Jesus loves you" window sign2020-04Imageuum_uc19
6 "Lehi Strong" signage in front of Kohlers grocery store on Lehi Main Street2020-04Imageuum_uc19
7 5-10 and 15 (Five, Ten, and Fifteen) Cents Stores (News)1909-08-13Imagedha_scp
8 Adams Electric Drill, Salt Lake Hardware Company1906-05-17Imagedha_scp
9 ADVERTISEMENT, VISA2001Imagedha_olyleg
10 Alford Brothers Company1911-08-11Imagedha_scp
11 Any functioning adult 2020 lawn sign2020-06Imageuum_uc19
12 Arrow Press Exterior1918-06-28Imagedha_scp
13 Art sale, homemade crafts by children [2]2020-05-03Imageuum_uc19
14 Ashton Jenkins Music Company, Intermountain Rep.1909-06-08Imagedha_scp
15 Auerbach Company1920-05-26Imagedha_scp
16 Auerbach Company Store1912-11-16Imagedha_scp
17 Auerbach Company Store Exterior at Night1912-11-16Imagedha_scp
18 Auerbach Company, Exterior of Store1912-11-16Imagedha_scp
19 Auerbach Store1913-11-08Imagedha_scp
20 Auerbach, Exterior of Store to Show Sign On Top of Building1912-09-30Imagedha_scp
21 Auerbachs, 300 South at Night1913-12Imagedha_scp
22 Auerbachs, State and 300 South at Night1913-12Imagedha_scp
23 Auto in Front of Colonial Theatre1909-11-07Imagedha_scp
24 Avard Rogers, Zion and Cedar Breaks Camps, park entrance with truck1934; 1935Imagedha_ccc
25 Avard Rogers, Zion and Cedar Breaks Camps, Zion National Park entrance1934; 1935Imagedha_ccc
1 - 25 of 575