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1 Spanish Flu is Cause of DeathsSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-08-18
2 Death Rate of Flu is 1 to 27Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-04
3 Utah Soldier is Dead of Spanish Flu at U. S. CampSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-07
4 Salt Lakers Dies of "Flu" in EastSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-08
5 Two Soldiers Die of the Spanish FluOgden Daily Standard1918-10-10
6 Ogden Reports Second Death from the 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-12
7 Secretary of D. C. Jackling is Dead of Spanish "Flu"Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-15
8 6 Salt Die of Flu U, S, Asked for NursesSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-15
9 High Figure in Flu' Death TollSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-16
10 85 New Cases of Influenza, 8 Deaths in UtahSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-17
11 Teachers Volunteer as Flu NursesSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-17
12 Anna Pendleton Victum of "Flu"Iron County Record1918-10-18
13 Wage War on Flu to Cut Death Rate, Urges Dr. PaulSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-18
14 Wallace Ipson Dies in France of FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-19
15 Wearing 'Flu' Mask Mandatory in ProvoSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-19
16 Theatres Here Are Loyal Gladly Sacrifice for City Stars Die of InfluenzaSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-20
17 Three Die in One Family of "Flu"Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-21
18 Three Soldiers Die of the 'Flu'Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-22
19 337 Die of Flu in Iowa, EstimateSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-22
20 Bullets, "Flu" Take Utah MenSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-23
21 Six Funerals in One Week is the Wreck of the "Flu" ScourgeVernal Express1918-10-25
22 Sad Death of Ira Williams; Another Victim of the "Flu"Vernal Express1918-10-25
23 U Man Dies of Flu at Idaho HomeSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-26
24 Babies Cry Vainly for MotherSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-26
25 Seven Deaths. but a Drop in Number of Flue CasesOgden Daily Standard1918-10-28
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