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1 Theatres to Reopen with Splendid BillsSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-07
2 Board Defers Order Raising Influenza BanSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-15
3 21 Influenza Cases Shown in StatementSalt Lake Tribune1919-04-06
4 Few New Influenza Cases-Health Conditions Somewhat Improved Schools Will Not Open until Feb. 23American Fork Citizen1920-02-14
5 Influenza-Pneumonia Causes Death of Little BabyAmerican Fork Citizen1920-03-06
6 Regarding InfluenzaPark Record1920-01-30
7 Report on InfluenzaPark Record1918-12-20
8 107 New Cases Day Salt Lake Lifted Influenza BanBingham Bulletin1918-12-13
9 Influenza Subsiding at BensonLogan Republican1920-03-30
10 Influenza Conditions at U. A. CLogan Republican1918-10-31
11 Notice of QuarantineParowan Times1920-03-31
12 Influenza SituationPark Record1920-02-06
13 The InfluenzaRoosevelt Standard1918-11-13
14 Influenza is Subsiding, Health Reports IndicateSalt Lake Tribune1918-11-26
15 Health Boards Lift Influenza BanSalt Lake Tribune1918-12-07
16 New Influenza Vaccine to be Used in UtahSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-25
17 Influenza Breaks out Again in MarysvalePiute Chieftain1919-01-16
18 Epidemic of Spanish Influenza is under Control in DuchesneDuchesne Record1918-12-14
19 Influenza Ban is to be Lifted on New Year's EveDuchesne Record1918-12-28
20 QuarantineBeaver County News1920-02-25
21 Not Using ItBeaver County News1920-02-11
22 Influenza Rapidly Abating in BasinMyton Free Press1918-11-14
23 Report on Influenza CasesBox Elder News Journal1920-01-30
24 Influenza on the Wane; Schools Resume MondayGunnison Valley News1920-02-20
25 Information from State Board on InfluenzaDavis County Clipper1918-10-18
1 - 25 of 555