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1 Evaluating Rural Hospital Improvement Process For Emergency Cesarean Section (ECS)2017Textehsl_gradnu
2 Screenshot, emergency alert2020-04-16Imageuum_uc19
3 Emergency alert, phone screenshot2020-04Imageuum_uc19
4 Improvement of Rapid Response Training in the Urgent Care2019Textehsl_ebp
5 Can a Rural Hospital Reliably Preform an Emergency Caesarean Section in Less Than Thirty Minutes?2017Textehsl_gradnu
6 PREPARE: Personal Readiness, Emergency Packs and Recovery Essentials: Emergency Preparedness for Community-Dwelling Older Adults2017Textehsl_gerint
7 Midwives and Disaster Relief2016Textehsl_gradnu
8 The Development and Implementation of a Practitioner in Triage Process for the Emergency Department at Intermountain Medical Center2014Textehsl_gradnu
9 Disaster nursing preparation.1971-06Textir_etd
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