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1 Interview by Richard Hart of Theodore Edaakie and Chester Gaspar, August 24, 19731973-08-24Text
2 Water Boundaries of the Colville Indian Reservation (Draft)2002-04-10Text
3 Tube 214: Maps - Clay Basin Utah (1952)Text
4 Tube 214: Maps - Willow Creek Butte, Utah-Colo (1952)Text
5 Tube 211: Maps - Upper Colorado Region (October 1965)Text
6 Tube 214: Maps -Swallow Canyon, Utah-Colo (1952)Text
7 Tube 217: Maps - Delta Colorado (1980)Text
8 Tube 214: Maps - Dutch John, Utah - Wyo (1966)Text
9 Tube 211: Maps - Colorado River Storage Project And Participating Projects (September 1970)Text
10 Tube 211: Maps - State of ColoradoText
11 Federal Register: Council on Environmental Quality - Statements on Proposed Federal Actions Affecting the Environment - Guidelines [Excerpt]1971; 1973Text
12 Tube 214: Maps - Goslin MTN., Utah (1952)Text
13 Glen Canyon Archeological Survey Photo Set1958; 1959Image
14 Zuni Ethno-Ornithology [Excerpt]; Description and Analysis of Four Common Prayersticks1963Text
15 Map of State of New MexicoText
16 Patterns of Land Use and Environmental Change on the Zuni Indian Reservation, 1846-1985: Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Evidence1985-09-30Text
17 Zuni Land Use and Damage to Trust Land1985-08-15Text
18 Comments of the Hualapai Tribe before the Department of the Interior National Park ServiceText
19 Land status maps for Zuni claim areasText
20 Sierra Club v. Gilbert Stamm and other legal cases involving environmental impact statements1971; 1972; 1973Text
21 Letter, Richard Hart to Stephen G. Boyden, November 1, 19841984-11-01Text
22 Uintah Unit, Central Utah Project: advance draft environmental statementText
23 U.S. Department of Interior Water Projects Review Office Preliminary Information and Data Sheets for Bonneville Unit1977-03-15Text
24 Environmental Impact Statement for Bonneville Unit, Central Utah Project1973; 1978; 1979; 1981Text
25 Final report and legislative recommendations: a report of the Special Committee on Investigations of the Select Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate.1989-11-06Text
1 - 25 of 254