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1 Figure 57: Coiled water jug made by a Deep Creek Gosiute "go go south in"1939Image/StillImage
2 Figure 05: Deep Creek Valley from the Deep Creek Mountains. The Tippets Mountains appear twenty miles westward. The Gosiute village is the center of the picture1939Image/StillImage
3 Figure 06: The Deep Creek Mountains1939Image/StillImage
4 Figure 16: Archaeological sites along the east bank of Fifteen-Mile Creek near the Goshute {sic} Reservation Agency Headquarters1939Image/StillImage
5 Figure 17: Locality of archaeological sites on the west bank of Fifteen-Mile Creek opposite the Gosiute Village. View north1939Image/StillImage
6 Figure 18: The western limit of the Gosiute, the east slope of the Steptoe Mountains in Nevada. View south toward Spring Valley1939Image/StillImage
7 Figure 20: Photograph of the type of fence used by the Gosiute in the building of an antelope corral1939Image/StillImage
8 Figure 21: Meat drying on a line hung between two shade trees. Photograph from Deep Creek1939Image/StillImage
9 Figure 39: The completed cradle board1939Image/StillImage
10 Figure 04: Sage Brush in a favorable living locality just south of Skull Valley. This brush is as much as fourteen feet high, indicating a rich soil and a considerable amount of moisture1939Image/StillImage
11 Figure 33: Winnowing Basket, Deep Creek Gosiute1939Image/StillImage
12 Figure 23: Framework of a Deep Creek "Little House" with a piece of Canvas Still Attached After it was Abandoned. The Tent in the Background was used as the Family Dwelling1939Image/StillImage
13 Figure 25: Exterior view of a Gosiute House1939Image/StillImage
14 Figure 26: Interior view of a Gosiute house showing roof construction1939Image/StillImage
15 Figure 27: View of the finest house constructed at Deep Creek by an Indian. It was abandoned at the death of several of the members of the family. The door on this house faced south, even though its inhabitants were peyote members1939Image/StillImage
16 Figure 28: Rear view of the same house as above. The small house to the right was occupied by Commodore, 96 year old Gosiute. A quantity of tools, harness, etc, were left inside. View southeast1939Image/StillImage
17 Figure 29: After the houses shown on the previous pages were abandoned the family moved into this structure. The roof, now gone, was made of canvas. The secondary structure may be observed adjoining1939Image/StillImage
18 Figure 56: Anees Tommy, one of the Gosiute chiefs1939Image/StillImage
19 Figure 58: Scene in front of the Goshute Day School1939Image/StillImage
20 Figure 15: Pictographs in Tunnel Canyon1939Image/StillImage
21 Figure 32: Coiled Basket with bead design woven into it. Made by a Deep Creek Gosiute, 19391939Image/StillImage
22 Figure 35: Berry Basket, Deep Creek Gosiute1939Image/StillImage
23 Figure 30: Sometimes after a house is abandoned it is burned. This view shows the trees, cellars, and corral where a house was burned at the death of a member of the family1939Image/StillImage
24 Figure 34: Carrying basket with canvas bottom1939Image/StillImage
25 Figure 24: Distant view of a Gosiute house showing a conical "Little House" to the right. A cellar is located on the opposite side1939Image/StillImage
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