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1 Abby Eaton with a ski awardP0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n14
2 Abby Eaton ski racingP0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n15
3 Karen Budge with the other coaches of the Middlebury Ski Club with the All Star TeamP0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n13
4 Karen Budge Eaton, center with, Chris and Abby Eaton at Whistler, British ColumbiaP0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n12
5 Line of skiers holding sign reading U.S. Ski Association Summer Training Camp, Bend, Oregon,1964P0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n06
6 Chris and Abby Eaton at the Easter Parade. Middlebury College Snow Bowl, 1980P0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n11
7 Portrait of Karen Budge. Photo by Scott Pules. Aspen, 1970P0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n05
8 U.S. National Champion in Missoula Montana, 1967P0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n08
9 Chris and Abby Eaton and Matt and Denny Smith, 1987P0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n10
10 Karen Budge with the 1972 Winter Olympics teamP0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n09
11 Olympic Team departing for Europe, 1968P0996 Karen Budge photograph collectionp0996n07
12 Candid head-and-shoulders photo of Raaum outdoors in skiing gearP0994 Gustav F. Raaum digital photograph collectionp0994n1_1_120
13 Gustav Raaum airborne, skis not parallelP0994 Gustav F. Raaum digital photograph collectionp0994n1_1_034
14 Dean Roberts, second from right, with sons (L-R) David and Tony and daughter Mindy (right)P0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n01_020
15 Dean Roberts and "Diane" skiing for fashion photo shoot, 1980sP0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n01_019
16 Newspaper article with photo of Dean Roberts water skiing [01]P0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n02_002
17 Dean Roberts with unidentified, skiing at AltaP0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n01_022
18 Dean Roberts ski jumping at Solitude, mid-1980sP0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n01_024
19 Dean Roberts at awards ceremonyP0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n01_028
20 Newspaper article about Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), 1984P0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n01_021
21 Dean Roberts in sunglassesP0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n01_025
22 Newspaper article with photo of Dean Roberts water skiing, 1965P0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n02_001
23 Newspaper photograph of Dean Roberts water skiing, 1963P0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n02_007
24 Dean Roberts, center, with John Wolfer(sp?) and Janet GlassmanP0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n02_010
25 Dean Roberts, left, with shipmate in the U.S. NavyP0977 Dean Roberts digital photograph collectionP0977n02_008
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