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1 Jean Westwood portrait circa 1962P0112 Jean WestwoodP0112n01_01_003
2 Jean Westwood portrait circa 1972P0112 Jean WestwoodP0112n01_01_004
3 Jean Westwood shaking hands with unidentified manP0112 Jean WestwoodP0112n01_02_006
4 Jean Westwood, left, shaking hands with Utah Congressman Gunn McKay, 1972P0112 Jean WestwoodP0112n01_04_023
5 W. F. Bulkley photographs, poster 14 versoP1116 William F. Bulkley photograph collectionP1116_n01_14b
6 W. F. Bulkley photographs, poster 14, Photo 05: William F. BulkleyP1116 William F. Bulkley photograph collectionP1116_n01_14_005
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