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1 Multi-Objective Optimization - Waste Heat Recovery Systems in Food ProcessingLegorburu, Gabriel2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference
2 Sill center sustainability assessment: creating a template for future use on campus buildingsGaines, Emily; Swanepoel, WillIn the United States, 80% of electricity consumption is by buildingsi. Nationwide, over 7 billion gallons of water is used each day for landscape irrigationii. The University of Utah main campus contains approximately 300 buildings on 1,500 acres of land. There is currently little data available reg...
3 Modeling Temporal Variation in Externalities Related to Electricity Purchases for BuildingsPleve, Kaden; Smith, Amanda D.Presented at the Global Change and Sustainability Center Research Symposium
4 Pilot study on how indoor environmental and physiological variables affect human thermal confortThomas, Jermy V.; Smith, Amanda D.Poster presented at GCSC Research Symposium, 2019.
5 A few Ideas about SustainabilityUniversity of Utah
6 Salt Lake City Urban Ranger ProgramNational Park Service, Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program in Utah, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, University of Utah, and Jordan River Commission
7 How to Cut the Cost of Accurate and Reliable Surface Level Atmospheric Observations by an Order of MagnitudeDeFord, AlexisThe building temperature energy monitoring system (BTEMS) project addresses the need for low-cost devices to measure ambient air temperature, humidity, and surface temperature. These sets of data are key in studying heat transfer between a building and its surroundings and in increasing the area ove...
8 How life cycle greenhouse gas emissions change with metrics at urban scale and national scaleGhaemi, Zahra; Smith, Amanda D. Smith
9 2012-2017 Strategic Plan Progress ReportGlobal Change & Sustainability CenterThe Global Change & Sustainability Center (GCSC) was established on the premise that solutions to the grand challenges facing society require the best thinking from multiple perspectives and disciplines. The GCSC creates opportunities for scholars grappling with these challenges to engage in new way...
10 Friends of Red Butte Creek Research, Outreach, and Education GrantsBowen, BrendaThe Friends of Red Butte Creek and the Global Change and Sustainability Center at the University of Utah partnered with the Salt Lake County Watershed Planning and Restoration Program to offer research, outreach and educational grants to University of Utah (UU) students and faculty to pursue action-...
11 Red Butte Reservoir Management PlanThe Red Butte Management Plan was prepared by a sub-committee of the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program (JSRIP). The JSRIP is greatly thankful for the time and support of those who have work to complete this document:
12 Case Study CatalogJohnson, Marc & Rupp, Nick
13 Ensuring Sustainability LiteracyUniversity of Utah Sustainability Office
14 Being Part of the University's Organic Gardening TraditionEdible Campus Gardens
15 Wasatch Experience Impact SummaryUniversity of Utah Sustainability Office
16 Stratigraphy and paleontology of Norwood Tuff and Fowkes Formation: northeastern Utah and southwestern WyomingNelson, Michael Earl1971
17 Bicycle Initiatives at the University of UtahCampus Bicycle Committee1992
18 The History of Red butte CanyonHeritahe Associates W. Dee Halverson1995
19 Greening of Eccles Library: a Case StudyLe Ber, Jeanne M.; Gregory, Joan M.Define greening and sustainability. Outline the issues for libraries. Describe the greening process at Eccles Library. Applying the Four R's. What does it take? The future.2001-10-26
20 Older adults' attitudes, concerns, and support for environmental issues in the "New West"Caserta, Michael; Wright, Scott D.; Lund, Dale A.The natural environment has been a missing topic from education and public policy forums concerning an aging society. This study examines demographic trends and several socio-demographic influences on attitudes, concerns, and active support for environmental issues among older adults in a retirement...2003-08-01
21 Proposal to Create M.A. and M.S. Degrees in Environmental HumanitiesChapman, David S.2004
22 Recommendations for greening the J. Willard Marriott Library: report of the Marriott Library Green Task ForceJ. Willard Marriott LibraryThe completion in Fall 2008 of the extensive renovation of the J. Willard Marriott Library and the moving of many staff groups back into the Library presents an excellent opportunity to identify and promote environmentally responsible practices and encourage sustainable behaviors. Recognizing this,...2008-09-25
23 University of Utah Sustainability Research Center Community-Based Interdisciplinary Education and Research ProposalUdell, Kent S., Daily, Cheri2009
24 Annual University Diversity ReportUniversity Diversity Committee2009
25 SCIF Fee ApprovalBoard of Trustees2009
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