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1 2023Public health practice: effective technical assistance modalities to support chronic disease prevention programming
2 2023Utah's County-to-County migration profiles
3 2022Long-Term planning projection scenarios
4 2024Utah informed visual intellection for 2024
5 2022Utah informed visual intellection for 2022
6 2023Utah informed visual intellection for 2023
7 2022A cloudy Crystal Ball pandemic forecasting challenges highlight need for budget relief valvesDOI 10.7278/S5d-t6q9-9s1d
8 2022Work/Life balance preferences: Utah parents
9 2020Salt Lake County renter demographics
10 2020New Americans in Salt Lake County
11 2020An economic analysis of Utah's industrial banks
12 2020Economic contribution of University of Utah healthDOI 10.7278/S5d-347p-kmze
13 2020An historic overview of office, industrial, and retail development and their recent demand drivers in Salt Lake CityDOI 10.7278/S5d-1x58-kz1f
14 2020Frequently asked questions about CO2 emissions
15 2017The Utah demographic and economic model10.26052/0D-MXMC-K7XZ
16 2016-10Fertility in Utah since the Great Recession: the new normal or a pregnant pause?10.26052/0D-7CV1-X4J0
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