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1 1994Straley, Daryn RichardMechanisms of neutrophil surface adhesive protein shedding upon activationNeutrophils; Immunology; Endothelium
2 1989Tyler, JeaneneFrom Peano to the rationals : steps toward developing the number systemNumber concept
3 1998Zhang, JunSeveral mathematical models of the immune responseImmune response -- Mathematical models
4 1987White, Paula DeniseDynamical systems and chaos
5 1994Treseder, Katheen KayAn examination of the Dischidia/Philidris relationship, or, polite house guests always bring a gift
6 1980Waterhouse, William JeanA non-genetic esterase in drosophilaDrosophila; Esterase
7 1980Swinyard, Michael TheronSwinyard_Isolation_Purification_and_Chemical_RedactedIsolation, purification and chemical modification of human immunoglobulin fragments : with a view toward preparing suitable samples for X-ray crystallographyimmunoglobulins
8 1992Swift, Candi KatherineFlow cytometry : a comparative study of the DNA content of meningioma tumorsMeningioma; Flow cytometry; DNA
9 1992Wilson, Brent DonaldRegulation of endothelial cell protein C activation by native and oxidized low density lipoproteinLow density lipoproteins; High density lipoproteins; Protein C; Hypercholesteremia
10 1987Worcester, Suzanne EbbaScaling and primary flight feather strengthFeathers; Birds -- Fligh
11 1996Wendel, Daniel PaulGenetic analysis of the steroid-regulated E93 Gene in drosophila melanogasterDrosophila melanogaster -- Genetics
12 1995Wickens, Jason CraigProtein induced DNA bending by the Ets-1 transcription factorDNA-protein interactions; Genetic transcription
13 1994West, CourtneyImmunocytochemical analysis of neurotransmitters found in teleost retinal slicesNeurotransmitters -- Analysis; Retina; Immunocytochemistry
14 1973Chang, NingClassical conditioning in hydraHydra
15 1988Turcotte, Justine WanlassPeptide synthesis and chemical characterization of GIIIA conotoxin analogsToxins; Toxins Conus
16 1976Ryser, David KirkhamThe current of injury : its discovery and significanceCells; Electric currents
17 1999-05Meyer, JeremyAnalysis of monocular cosmic ray data taken by the high resolution fly's eyeCosmic rays
18 1986-06Perkins, Guy AllenAcoustic radiation force on a small sphereAcoustic radiation pressure
19 1982-06Erickson, Evelyn JoThe development of a self contained device for monitoring cardiac output including a survey of related physiology and bioinstrumentationCardiac output - Measurement; Medical instruments and apparatus
20 2000-08Mumford, Jonathan ReidAtmospheric horizontal uniformity measured by a steerable laser system at the high resolution fly's eyeAtmospheric physics -- Utah; Cosmic rays -- Utah -- Measurement
21 2000Soelberg, Cameron JayQuasinormal modes : a boundary-value approachStellar oscillation; Mathermatical models; Black holes
22 1964-06Rice, Carl JamesDevelopment of large C̆erenkov radiation collectorsCherenkov counters
23 1965Rogers, Vern ChildPreparation and testing of lithium films in a neutron spectrometerMetallic films, spectrometer
24 1983-06Okawa, AllisynThe hydration of polymer thin films and its effect on blood compatibilityPolymers in medicine
25 1991-08Norman, David EvertonFractals, dimension, and measure: Preliminary results on the construction of a p-dimensional measure for non-integral pFractals
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