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1 Hall, Morgan SamuelA cross-sectional examination of the predictors of commitment in skateboardersCommitment; Skateboard2013-08thesis
2 Bahabadi, Shahrzad JaliliA double blind study on the efficacy of a colostrum and egg yolk supplement vs. placebo to reduce frequency and duration of upper respiratory tract infections in healthy adults4Life; Colostrum; Egg yolk supplement; IgA; Transfer factor; Tri-Factor; Upper respiratory tract infections2012-05thesis
3 Triptow, David ClydeA History of the Organization and growth of the junior tennis program in Salt Lake County1966thesis
4 Arnett, Glenn W.A procedure for evaluating physical education program in the elementary schoolsPhysical education for children - Evaluation1946-05thesis
5 Bohman, Charles FrederickA study of the recreation program in veterans hospitalsRecreational therapy; Veterans' hospitals -- United States1950thesis
6 Groth, Richard ArthurA survey of University of Utah varsity football athletesUniversity of Utah -- Football ; University of Utah -- Sports ; Football1969-06thesis
7 McCook, JacquelineAcoustic measures of essential vocal tremor compared to spasmodic dysphonia with co-occurring tremor2019thesis
8 Lovings, Tacara M. D.Adapted physical education teachers' attitudes toward curricular outcomes for physical educationCertification; Content; Highly qualified; Years of experience2014-12thesis
9 Bennett, Jamie RanaeAddressing well-being in early and middle childhood: recreation therapy interventions aimed to develop skills that create a healthy lifeMiddle Childhood; Prevention; Quality of Life; Recreation Therapy; Stress; Well-Being2015thesis
10 Whitchurch, MelissaAdductor spasmodic dysphonia versus muscle tension dysphonia: exploring the percision of phonatory break analysis as a diagnostic test2008-08thesis
11 Dvorak, Theresa ElizabethThe adolescent sport nutrition knowledge questionnaire: validity and reliabilitySport nutrition; Adolescents; Athletics2007-08thesis
12 D'astous, Elyse GilberteAn examination of elliot's hierarchical model of approach and avoidance achievement motivation in athletes returning to sport following serious injury3x2 achievement goal framework; Achievement goals; Approach and Avoidance; Motivation; Return-to-sport outcomes; Sport injury2016thesis
13 Gibb, John DouglasAn experimental comparison of the humorous lecture and the non humorous lecture in informative speakingIron industry and trade -- Utah1964thesis
14 Benson, Cole LewisAn exploration of the moderating effects of trauma between a caring climate and trust2019thesis
15 Metzger, Erika LeeAnalysis of stuttering behaviors in adult stuttering speakers: applications of the lidcombe behavioral data language taxonomyAdult; Classification; Lidcombe; Stuttering2010-07thesis
16 Price, Leisa BitnerAnaplerotic therapy in propionic acidemiaanaplerotic therapy; propionic acidemia2013-05thesis
17 Ledford, Anita KathrynApplying the experience economy framework to better understand the visitor experience at the natural history museum of utahExperience Economy; Interpretation; Marketing; Museum studies; Tourism; Visitor studies2015thesis
18 Allsop, JaredAssessing the social effects of a therapeutic recreation summer camp for adolescents withi chronic illnessAdolescents; Chronic Illness; Social self-efficacy; Summer camp; Therapeutic recreation2012-05thesis
19 Henderson, Kimberly A.Assessment of the range of energy availabilities and the prevalence of low energy availability among female endurance athletesAmenorrhea; Eating disorder; Energy availability; Female athlete triad; Stress fracture2011-08thesis
20 Mattson, Rose EliseThe association of physical activity knowledge, nutrition knowledge, and physical activity enjoyment in low socioeconomic Elementary School ChildrenPhysical education; Nutrition2017thesis
21 Pearson, Kelsey AnnThe association of prepregnancy body mass index, gestational weight gain, and child birth weight with markers of metabolic dysfunction in obese children and adolescentsHealth sciences; Nutrition2017thesis
22 Stewart, Kelly Louiseassociation of sugar intake and inflammation in newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patientsNutrition2017thesis
23 Woodbury, Charles EugeneAttitudes toward intercollegiate footballFootball ; College sports1954-08thesis
24 Pierson, Timothy MichaelBreakfast consumption among elementary and secondary school students in suburban and rural utahBreakfast; Child Nutrition; School Nutrition2016thesis
25 Prijatel, BrittanyCan music help athletes manage pain during an icing task? an experimental testAthlete; Athletes; Music; Pain; pain management; pain management intervention2016thesis
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