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1 Long-Term Clinical Implications of Gastric Bypass Surgery Specific to Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Pregnancy-Related Birth Weight and Age-Related Mortality2014-08Textir_etd
2 Improving Treatment Adherence and Outcomes in Individuals with Phenylketonuria2015-05Textir_etd
3 Examining the Factors Affecting the Inclusion of Non-English Speaking Individuals in Clinical Research2014-08Textir_etd
4 The Long-Term Health Effects and Healthcare Costs of Thyroid Cancer Survivors in Population-Based Cohort Study2017Textir_etd
5 Human Papillomavirus: Trends in Human Papillomavirus Rates, Vaccine Uptake, and Factors Driving Intention to Vaccinate2015-05Textir_etd
6 Exploring Predictors of Readmission for Pediatric Psychiatric Inpatients2016-05Textir_etd
7 A Longitudinal Study of Women Coaching Women Through Motivational Interviewing and the Interrelationships Between Depression, Health Behaviors, and Changes in Obesity2018Textir_etd
8 The Fertility Experiences Study: The Complexities of Infertility Research, Treatment Approaches, and Outcomes2015-05Textir_etd
9 Long-term, Adverse Cardiovascular, Genitourinary, and Gastrointestinal Outcomes Among Endometrial Cancer Survivors in a Population-based Cohort Study2017Textir_etd
10 Healthcare Cost and Utilization Differences among American Indian and Alaska Native Compared with Non-Hispanic White Patients with Lung Cancer2017Textir_etd
11 New Patterns of Practice of Utah Physicians Assistants2011-05Textir_etd
12 The Effects of Educational Messaging within the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program2012-05Textir_etd
13 Effects of Caffeinated Beverages on Reproductive Hormones in the Biocycle Study2012-05Textir_etd
14 The Effects of Innovative Changes to Restaurant Inspection Protocols2011-12Textir_etd
15 HIV Risk Behaviors, HIV Testing, and Entry into Medical Care in Utah2012-05Textir_etd
16 Arsenic in Community Drinking Water Systems and Small for Gestational Age Birth, Pregnancy-Related Hypertension, and Stillbirth in Utah, 1989-20062011-05Textir_etd
17 Assessing the Influence of High School Practices and Community Characteristics on Adolescent Obesity2012-05Textir_etd
18 Assessing Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior, and Practices Related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in a United States-Based Refugee Population2012-05Textir_etd
19 Aspects of Opioid Regulation and Effects on Opioid Users2015-12Textir_etd
20 The Public Health Impact of Eve Teasing: Public Sexual Harassment and Its Association with Common Mental Disorders and Suicide Ideation Among Young Women in Rural Punjab, India2015-12Textir_etd
21 Predictors of Malaria Prevention and Case Management Among Children Under Five in Three African Countries: Analysis of Demographic Health Surveys (DHS) Malaria Indicator Surveys2015-08Textir_etd
22 Recurrent Preterm Birth in Utah2011-08Textir_etd
23 Rasch Model Accounting for Measurement Errors2012-08Textir_etd
24 Prediabetes: Translating Practical Interventions for the Treatment of Primary Care Patients2015-08Textir_etd
25 Risk Factors Impacting Colon and/or Colorectal Cancer Mortality Among American Indians/Native Americans and Non-Hispanic Whites2014-05Textir_etd
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