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1 Mihlfeith, Carl MaxSome experiments on the effect of thermal radiation on composite rocket propellants1971thesis
2 Kenworthy, Orval G.Patients admitted to the Utah State hospital, part 11, 19631963thesis
3 Johnson, James WilliamPhonophobia1973thesis
4 Heron, Thomas MurrayBoundary layer flow over sloping terrain1971thesis
5 Cardoen, Carlos RemigioThe kinetics of molybenum disulfide oxidation1969thesis
6 Morris, Jennifer NicoleDepositional controls on the stratigraphic variability of lacustrine sedimentary cycles, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah2021thesis
7 Dwenger, Kaitlyn MarieEvaluation of the contribution of sensory tricks to changes in symptomatology in individuals with laryngeal dystonia in comparison to individuals with essential vocal tremor2022thesis
8 Howard, Bryanna JeanneExamining yaw plane head kinematics during activities of daily living and agility tasks2020thesis
9 Wagner, JonathanIncorporating in situ albedo observations with a spatial snowmelt model in a dust-dominated basin2020thesis
10 Mosher, Samantha JaneYokai: the unworshipped Kami of Japan2020thesis
11 Maxeiner, Philip-Peter JoachimAlternate ecological State shifts during the Triassic-Jurassic transition: observations from the Pucara group, Peru2020thesis
12 Kennington, Allen RussellRelating users' reported comfort, necessity, and value in vignettes of sensor-equipped environments2020thesis
13 Haralson, David MonkComputation methods for secure energy system operations2020thesis
14 DiNapoli, Ryan M.Development and validation of an instrumented test fixture for vehicle seats in low-speed rear-end collisions2020thesis
15 Anjewierden, ChristopherEnabling of the quick urban industrial complex wind model to represent wind turbine flows2020thesis
16 Geddes, Garth LoweUnited States-Panamanian relations, 1903-1974United States; Panama; foreign relations1974thesis
17 Difley, Rose LuverneBiostratigraphy and paleoenvironments of the Cretaceous-Tertiary (K-T) North Horn Formation in the Wasatch Plateau, central Utah2002thesis
18 Thompson, Gregory CoyneSouthern UTE lands, 1848-1899; the greation of a reservation1971thesis
19 Larson, Gustive O.Perpetual Emigrating Fund CompanyColonization; Utah1926thesis
20 Benson, Sheryl Richardthe emigration of Swedish Mormons1965thesis
21 Zoleikani, Roghayeh GoliA geographic information system (GIS)-Based analysis for predicting crash hotspots on freeway2019thesis
22 Palomino, AlejandroProbabilistic analysis of electric vehicle loading on distribution infrastructure2020thesis
23 Macfarlane, Michelle LowryHours2019thesis
24 Liu, MeitongEconomic-environmental imbalance of air pollution in China: patterns, determinants, and environmental justice implications2020thesis
25 Seljaas, HelgeThe Mormon migration from Norway1972thesis
1 - 25 of 3,671