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1 The Red Butte Canyon Ozone Network: leveraging existing infrastructure to probe background concentrations, canyon flows and stratospheric oxidant exchange2021Textir_su
2 University of Utah Climate Resilience Assessment Matrix2021Textir_su
3 Coanda effect enhanced air assisted flare for low flow operation: cold flow CFD analysisTextir_eua
4 Clearn combustion, a path to net zeroTextir_eua
5 Explaining the "three inch rule": why model flares don't match full-scale2022Textir_eua
6 Quantifying flare combustion efficiency using an imaging fourier transform spectrometer2022Textir_eua
7 Analysis of burner operation inside an enclosed ground flare2022Textir_eua
8 Capturing the effect of near-and far-field dynamics on the combustion efficiency of multi-point ground flares2022Textir_eua
9 CFD development for fired heater applications2022Textir_eua
10 Effect of operating parameters on fired heater tube skin temperature measurement accuracy & the development of new improved tube skin thermocouple2022Textir_eua
11 Installation of lean premix and remote fuel staging system in industrial process heater for next generation nox emissions control2022Textir_eua
12 Combustion emissions and thermal performance impacts when replacing hydrocarbon fuels with hydrogen in industrial furnacesTextir_eua
13 Reduced order model of a lime kiln for fuel switchingTextir_eua
14 Radiant wall burner design improvements for retrofit applicationsTextir_eua
15 Clearsign core process burners and boiler burners - burner scaling and field results2022Textir_eua
16 Texas progress in flaring - 6 years of emissions data 2015 through 20202020Textir_eua
17 Decarbonizing: the future of hydrogen firingTextir_eua
18 Firing of liquid bio-derived fuels for decarbonization of high temperature industrial heating processesTextir_eua
19 Ammonia for industrial combustionTextir_eua
20 A bayesian decision-theory-based digital twin for methane flares2022Textir_eua
21 Analysis of design and operation of multi-point ground flares2022Textir_eua
22 Investigative approach to address thermoacoustic vibration in gas-fired heaters and boilers2022Textir_eua
23 A volume of fluid approach to model injection of highly viscous fluids2022Textir_eua
24 Model-based design and full-scale demonstration of an oxy-coal firing system with undiluted oxygen and minimal flue gas recycleTextir_eua
25 A chemical kinetics approach for heavy fuel oils gasification modelling2022Textir_eua
1 - 25 of 1,299