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DateAuthorTitleProject TypeInstructor
1 2019Dillon, AmandaMPO Transportation Funding for Livable Communities
2 2020Friedman, juliaKeys to creating successful arts and cultural trails: the 40 West Artline Placemaking projectMCMP Professional ProjectKeith Bartholomew
3 2020Wilkinson, Meadow2020 Jordan River Parkway inventoryMCMP Professional ProjectStacy Harwood
4 2020Wilkinson, MeadowDesign guidelines for the Jordan River ParkwayMCMP Professional ProjectStacy Harwood
5 2021Siracuse, BrandonOne Glendale Plan appendicesMCMP Professional ProjectAlessandro Rigolon
6 2021Siracuse, BrandonOne Glendale PlanMCMP Professional ProjectAlessandro Rigolon
7 2021Oswald, LilyOne Glendale PlanMCMP Professional Project
8 2021Oswald, LilyOne Glendale Plan appendicesMCMP Professional ProjectAlessandro Rigolon
9 2021McDonough, MadlynThe Consultant Planner: Reflections on Small-Town Planning in UtahMCMP Professional ProjectAlessandro Rigolon
10 2021Rodriguez, DamianKeep Glendale Beautiful Affiliation Report 2021MCMP Professional ProjectIvis Garcia
11 2021Head, ByronTransportation Demand Management: Recommendations for Salt Lake CityMCMP Professional ProjectStacy Harwood
12 2021Hutcheson, HannaLand Use Impacts on Suburban Transit ConnectorsMCMP Professional ProjectKeith Bartholomew
13 2021Potter, Bradley A.Connection to Conservation: How Conservation Easements can Help with Social Equity Issues and Provide AccessibilityMCMP Professional ProjectSarah Hinners
14 2021Bussell, KatherineMotta Farms: A Reimagination of Farming with AgrihoodsMCMP Professional ProjectSarah Hinners
15 2021Arnold, ElizabethWasatch County General Plan UpdateMCMP Professional ProjectIvis Garcia
16 2021Gaughran, MollyValuing Public Art as a Planning ToolMCMP Professional ProjectSarah Canham
17 2021Gallaher, JacobOpen Streets Initiatives in the West: Evaluation & RecommendationsMCMP Professional ProjectAlessandro Rigolon
18 2021Fereydouni, MehnrazStreetscape Master Plan 200 South, Salt Lake City, UtahMCMP Professional ProjectReid Ewing
19 2020Williams, ShannonElevating Urban Design Standards in the Salt Lake City Central Business DistrcitMCMP Professional ProjectSarah Hinners
20 2020Whittaker, NicholasHousing, Homelessness & the Aging PopulationMCMP Professional ProjectSarah Canham
21 2020Roy, MonikaRe-visioning the east end of 9-Line Trail, Salt Lake City, Utah: A comfortable and safe shared-use path design.MCMP Professional ProjectSarah Hinners
22 2020Jordan, MikalaSmall Town Planning in an Uran Hub: Housing Strategies and Engagement LessonsMCMP Professional ProjectDanya Rumore
23 2020Victor, LaurenPaint the Pavement GuidebookMCMP Professional ProjectIvis Garcia
24 2020Mauldin, KaylaSalt Lake City's Hidden Rental MarketMCMP Professional ProjectStacy Harwood
25 2020Sheng, shi JieMicro Mobility in Millcreek: A Feasibility StudyMCMP Professional ProjectKeith Bartholomew
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