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1 Oral history with Maxine Lucero; 2023-05-31 [Video]2023-05-31Image/MovingImagedha_pour
2 Oral history with Xris Macias; 2023-07-28 [Video]2023-07-28Image/MovingImagedha_pour
3 Oral history with Olivera Masters; 2023-06-26 [Video]2023-06-26Image/MovingImagedha_pour
4 Oral history with Tisha Ramos-Yarber; 2023-07-17 [Video]2023-07-17Image/MovingImagedha_pour
5 Oral history with Debbie Rocha; 2023-03-22; 2023-05-18 [Video]2023-03-22; 2023-05-18Image/MovingImagedha_pour
6 Oral history with EdTrujillo; 2023-05-24 [Video]2023-05-24Image/MovingImagedha_pour
7 Oral history interview with Ed Mayer, conducted by Ed Munoz (video)2022-07-26Image/MovingImageuum_cliw
8 Oral history interview with Cindy Romero-Najarro, conducted by Ed Munoz (video)2022-06-07Image/MovingImageuum_cliw
9 Oral history interview with Gloria Aquino, conducted by Guadalupe Galvez-Zamora (video)2022-03-15Image/MovingImageuum_cliw
10 Oral history interview with Alicia_Suazo, conducted by Ed Munoz (video)2022-06-17Image/MovingImageuum_cliw
11 Oral history interview of Allison Horowitz, conducted by Arielle Melen (video)2020-10; 2020-11Image/MovingImageuum_uc19
12 Oral history interview of Monisha Pasupathi, conducted by Jamie Nakano (video)2020-11-20Image/MovingImageuum_uc19
13 Oral history interview of Meg Grimshaw, conducted by Jamie Nanako (video)2020-10-18Image/MovingImageuum_uc19
14 University of Utah: the pioneering continues1984Image/MovingImageuum_avac
15 Your state university1948Image/MovingImageuum_avac
16 University of Utah, 19711971Image/MovingImageuum_avac
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