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1 Artic Circle, Southern Utah -Shot 11951-04-22Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
2 Artic Circle, Southern Utah -Shot 21951-04-22Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
3 Artic Circle, Southern Utah -Shot 31951-04-22Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
4 Baskin Robbins, Clearfield, drive-thru only signs2020-04-06Imageuum_uc19
5 Boston Store, Crowd in Front For Sale1925-09-13Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
6 Fountain at Laura Larsen Ice Cream, Feb. 19351939-03-01Imagedha_cbfm
7 Oberle, Floyd 34th Ward Store Fountain -Shot 11948-06-21Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
8 Oberle, Floyd 34th Ward Store Fountain -Shot 21948-06-21Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
9 Oberle, Floyd 34th Ward Store Fountain -Shot 31948-06-21Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
10 Whitworths Drug Store, Soda Fountain, 802 E. 2nd South1921-09-21Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
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