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1 "A finished Zulu grass hut with the occupants, May 1926."1926-05uum_mapImage
2 "A missionaries kitchen, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. August 5, 1925."1925-08-05uum_mapImage
3 "A Zulu warrior, Zululand."uum_mapImage
4 "All ant. side walls up. Saturday November 1, 1924."1924-11-01uum_mapImage
5 "An East African native smoking his water pipe, Zanzibar"uum_mapImage
6 "Another view on Table Mountain on top of the cliffs overlooking the city 3500 feet below. The little square running out into the water are the shipping docks. There are several ocean steamers in. The ridge line here falls away perpendicular for hundreds of feet."; Dec. 31, 19251925-12-31uum_mapImage
7 "At Grun Point, a resort on the Buffalo River in East London, Brother and Sister Jubberand family and myself. A beautiful spot, notice the landing wharf."uum_mapImage
8 "Aunt Minnie and Gaskell at Aunt Minnie's home."1941uum_mapImage
9 "Bob in cotton fields, Las Cruces."1941uum_mapImage
10 "Building when almost finished steps being put in. Taken by Brother A.G. Brummer. January 1925."1925-01uum_mapImage
11 "Dinner New Year's Day at Brother Daniels (colored). His head is in the foreground, Brother Wilson branch president on the right. Some food - turkey, chicken, ham, beef, stuffing, gray-jillus and every other what not - made a fellow miserable - so much to eat an no where to put it. January 1926."1926-01uum_mapImage
12 "Dinner on the job. Mrs. Harding, a friend supplied the eats. Wednesday October 22, 1924."1924-10-22uum_mapImage
13 "Elder Engstrom, Romney, Brother Waymouth, and Elder Ballard. Saturday November 15, 1924."1924-11-15uum_mapImage
14 "English football togs, some class eh? Going to create a sensation wearing them on the field at home." July 30, 1924.1924-07-30uum_mapImage
15 "Fireplace and buffet in living room. Bottom part two inside panel doors, outside panels stationary, drawers overhead. It hadn't been painted when this picture was taken. The top I sketched differently but they did it this way. They should have put the doors on the outside with a center panel for a mirror, but we can't [change it] now."uum_mapImage
16 "Foundation completed. Monday October 1924. From the tower across the street."1924-10uum_mapImage
17 "Gaskell Romney at Guzman Station, Chihuahua."1941uum_mapImage
18 "Hanging over the edge of Coysitoum (3,500 ft below). Don't be alarmed for I didn't fall and besides I'm standing on a ledge of rock which doesn't show in the picture. The cliffs drop away about 1000 feetr then steep slopes right to the city."uum_mapImage
19 "House Rock against Vermillion cliffs."1941uum_mapImage
20 "In order front to back: W. Hutchins of Springville, W. Knight of Lehi, H.S. Baker of SLC, S.J. Saunders of SLC, M.P. Romney of SLC, K.D. Wright of SLC, P. Thorne of Springville, S.S. Crane of Pocatello, S.P. Jensen of SLC, W.Y. Clayton of SLC, K.D. Hunir of SLC, K. Woodruff of SLC, C.S. Rockwood of SLC, C. Landerende of SLC, C.A. Gray of Provo, M. Alfred of Ephriam, G. Mortinson of Riverton, George Pragmire of Pocatello, H.W. Sissiano of Pocatello."uum_mapImage
21 "Inside the hall facing the stand. Benches of Douglas Fir. Pulpit of teak. India imported"1925uum_mapImage
22 "Interior of Reya - where attached picture taken."uum_mapImage
23 "Kaffir country. Notice the huts all over the hillsides - mud walls with thatched roofs all circular. They don't know how to make corners."uum_mapImage
24 "Loaded camels. Beasts of burden in Egypt - Cairo."uum_mapImage
25 "Meryl and other Mexicans, Cuidad Juarez."1941uum_mapImage
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